26-13 23rd May 2013 Written Update

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26-13 23rd May 2013 Written Update by Tanthya

26-13 23rd May 2013 Written Episode

Rashmi dresses up as a muslim girl and knocks on the door where the terrorists are holding the family hostage, Just before the owner of the house can open his mouth , Rashmi addresses him as a talkative Sister in law who has come on a visit, She brushes past him and enters into the house , only to stop dead on seeing the terrorists toting the gun .. The terrorist asks about her and Aseem replies that Rashmi is indeed his SIL, ‘NAUSHEEN’.. The girl gets up from her chair and moves towards Rashmi, a questioning look in her face, she gets closer to Rashmi and says softly ,”Khala” ..Rashmi hugs her in relief .. The terrorist tells her to get inside the room , Rashmi moves inside and is stopped by the terrorist who snatches Rashmi’s phone from her and orders her in with the kids.. Aseem is gain threatened by the terrorists.


Swami/Jeddah is supervising via security camera’s and there is a tap on his shoulders , turning, He is surprised to see Shahna , Swami quickly sends off his subordinate officers and there ensues a furious arguments between them about Shahna appearing so openly esp with Randeep running around freely … while Shahana retorts that she has no trust on his abilities and wants to keep him in plain sight and also demands to know what has Swami done about Randeep and Rashmi.

On The other Side :

Randeep is strategizing with his team of honest teamates.. They are waiting Rashmi’s signal n want to hit at Shahana at th last moment shaking her confidence to very core and not allowing her to regroup her terrorists again …

Rashmi calls up Randeep and gives him the layout of Aseem’s house as well as the needed information ..Randeep and his team get busy planning their moves..while listening to Rashmi on the phone…

Shahana is worried about the non appearance of Rashmi and Randeep and has a brainwave, she recollects the terrorists saying that a Khala has come to Aseem’s house.. Shah calls up the terrorist and orders him to check the activity of “Khala”.. The terrorist enters the bedroom and sees that all 3 are asleep..she informs the same to Shahna..

Shah is slightly relaxed and tells the terrorist to ensure that Aseem makes it to the airport n flies the plane and after that the terrorists can do anything with the family..

Swami calls up one of Randeep’s subordinate officers and probes about Randeep and also one of Randeep’s friend and is stone walled by the officer.. Swami is not convinced by the protestation of his innocence

Swami calls up Shah n keeps her informed about the failure to locate Rasdeep.. Shah is furious , then another thought occurs to her , She tells Jeddah to alert the police force about the fact that Randeep is protecting Shahana Mallik and is in cohorts with her .. She also orders Swami to get Randeep on this score and scuttle all his plans…Swami gives a pleased smile ..


Aseem dons his pilots uniform and prepares to leave for his job, He bids a final adieu to his family and drops a hint to his family that he will not die the death of a traitor !! Rashmi is moved to hear him saying that and assures him that no harm shall befall him or the kids ..Aseem leaves ..

The terrorists command the ladies and the boy to go in when the terrorists head turns his lusty eyes on Sama the little girl of Aseem, He grabs hold of her and pushes Rashmi and the boy into the room , locking .. Rashmi frantically tries to call up Randeep , but Randeep is on the move and does not answer the phone.. Just then , there is a yelp of fear, Sama calls out in panic stricken voice to let go of her.. Rashmi is stricken to hear her call for help and also on seeing the handicapped boy trying to raise from the chair to defend his sister…

Rashmi opens the door, and emerges holding her gun and pointing it straight at the would be rapist .. She orders him to let go of Sama, caught by surprise , The terrorists lets Sama go, Sama quickly runs towards Rashmi..Rashmi tells her to go inside the room and lock herself in.. Rashmi begins to shoot at the terrorists and manages to gun down 2 members of the group while the leader escapes with a bullet shot to the shoulder, Rashmi continues to fire at the place where he escaped like a woman possessed , Randeep breaks the main door , calms her and brings her to her senses and promises to take care of the Bad guy..


Shah’s Hench man calls up Shah and tells things are proceeding according to plan, Shah gives a pleased smile.. both are unaware that Randeep’s man is watching him..

Randeep and Rashmi are travelling in the police car when they are stopped by police men who wants to arrest Randeep for aiding and abetting Shahan’s Mallik !!

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