Aasman Se Aage 29th June 2012 Written Update

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Aasman Se Aage 29th June 2012 Written Update by sami01

Scene 1 :
Alan is nursing meenakshi akshat comes thereboth are shocked.
alan gets up with attitude and asks him to leave
tells him meenakshi don’t want to talk to him, meenakshi tells Alan let him come
Akshat comes there and meenakshi tells him that she is fine.. He wants to apologize and he is all alone to win I lost myself and went away from dance because of karishma and Dc and two people who see my week being I lost them u and my bro, pls forgive me , meenakshi tells him that I forgive you.. And so akshat asks if we can be together , today if we are together we can win meenakshi remembers all the good and the bad things between them and she says we cannot be together , we lost trust and that’s the biggest thing.,

Scene 2 :
Karishma comes to the practice room where others are there and she asks them how the practice is and she passes a chit as cameras are watching its something abt meenakshi

Scene 3 :
continuation of scene 1
Akshat request meenakshi to believe him and tells abt the plan of karishma and that Dc is helping you , meenakshi tells that Dc is the main reason I am in this state and all this is due to Dc as he made me injured and also tries to get cozy with me
If u support me then you will loose winning the title of Asa ..as Dc wont let anyone who supports me win

Scene 4 :
Karishma calls the other to a room where there is no cameras to plan on breaking the other foot of meenakshi with oil on the prop
The others think that it’s risky but karishma tells that it’s ok since otherwise she will take away all the sympathy votes and win they all agree with her

Scene 5 :
continued from scene 1
Meenakshi says that i understand I dont feel bad about it. and someone will be there for u one day for whom you can leave all your wishes and when you decide not to chase ur dream and just love her.We can be freinds,she asks him to leave.
Akshat goes away and while going he recollects all the time with meenakshi
He meets Alan and tells him to take care of meenakshi as she is special

Scene 6 :
Karishma and gang come to the room where they try to put oil on the chair and the lots are off but as the light come on its Dc

Scene 7:
Karishma and gang come to the room where they try to put oil on the chair and the lots are off but as the light come on its Dc,he looks more devastated than angry.

They show the flashback where sandhya is seeing the screen and the footage of karishma ‘s plan and how they fully understood about whole issue.he says dont you know that here no one can escape from DC ‘s eyes…he is very angry

Scene 8 :
Alan is helping meenakshi walk without the support she sees akshat sitting and tells Alan to go help him, Alan tells her that she shouldn’t think of him as he did bad for her.. Meenakshi tells him that he is alone he needs help, Alan says ok but asks her Id she is moving ahead as she decided , meenakshi remembers the last conversation with akshat and Alan walks away
(meenakshi is ready to forgive that doubel standard akshat who si more kid in real and behave with such emotion of hate towards DC— am not very happy about it –very immature Meenakshi–shame on you–u woul dhave been dancing in mall with jhadu if not for DC

Precap: Meenakshi says that she wil show DC’s real face to live audience…am not sure if shows are live..i think they r more edited na…so lets watch and see..am not at all happy with meenakshi–whatever DC did with her he did more good than bad…she is thankless woman who is ready to forgive everyone’s else’s crime but DC’s…he is better to be alone with his mother

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  1. Anonymous
    June 29, 20:44 Reply

    DC is to blame not Meenakshi…how did he do her some good?

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