Barun Sobti and Gurmeet Choudhary to play lead roles in 4 Lions’ next for Star Plus

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This is exclusive. This is dhamaka of a news.

Indian television’s two biggest stars, Gurmeet Choudhary and Barun Sobti will be seen on screen together (fireworks in the background). What was that? Okay some of their fans just fainted. Relax all, and read the dope.

Our credible sources have informed that Producer Gul Khan’s 4 Lions Films has signed Gurmeet and Barun for their upcoming contemporary romantic drama to air on Star Plus.

“Yes, they both have been roped in and they both will be seen in lead roles. This till date could be said to be one of the biggest castings in the Indian television industry with two big stars deciding to come together. This is something new for the viewers. The female leads are yet to be decided upon and the project will go on air post IPL 2014. It’s a high profile venture and it will take time for things to further materialise,” said the same source.

Superb…is the word!!!

Here we would like to add that Barun’s popularity sky rocketed after featuring in the show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (Star Plus). His chemistry with Sanaya Irani sizzled the small screen. Later, he opted out of the show to pursue 70mm dreams. This Gul Khan show will mark his return on television.

Gurmeet’s success story began with Geet pairing opposite Drashti Dhami (Star One) and later climbed greater heights of achievement with Punar Vivah (Zee TV). Gurmeet now is seen with his Debina Bonnerjee in Nach Baliye (Star Plus).

It is interesting to note that Gurmeet and Barun have a common connecting factor. They both quit their respective shows (Barun…Iss Pyaar Ko and Gurmeet…Punar Vivah) leading to their closure.

But that’s all in the past and their coming together for a project will certainly entertain television lovers a lot.

We buzzed Gurmeet, Barun and Gul, but did not get any revert till the time of filing the article.

Keep reading this space for more updates!!!

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  1. joanzik
    October 26, 06:25 Reply

    Omg…. Barun and Gurmeet to be team up in film? wow……. this is awesome. i love both of them so much.

  2. magduline
    November 12, 19:56 Reply

    I love gurmeet and drashti too viel Glück

  3. nisha
    July 24, 02:23 Reply

    I want barun in starplus. I love him lot

  4. mak
    July 05, 10:58 Reply

    barun again in exciting.

  5. aliya
    February 01, 06:34 Reply

    Sanaya for barun and drishti for gurmeeth js perfect

    • tithi
      February 01, 06:35

      Yes mannet and arshi

    • Najaf
      February 28, 02:03


    • Punjabi kurri
      March 05, 15:48

      i agree with u maneet and arshi just perfect…
      and that to togheter nice…

  6. Mannet lover
    January 14, 04:25 Reply

    Bye it was very interesting.keep ur health well fr f8ing nxt time.

  7. Tithi
    January 14, 04:23 Reply

    Kratika and debina look awesm with gurmeet too.

  8. Tithi
    January 14, 04:21 Reply

    Omg,gurmeet,my sweetheart,u cm bck.i m so excited.i want drasti with hm.and sanaya or ankita with barun.then mannet and arshi ll bck.regret both actress r busy with other happy fr gurmeet.

  9. manisha
    January 13, 09:36 Reply

    @sana amber and dia:haha u ppl are so innocent..u r doing same wat i wanted…i was here for some fun after hectic schedule of office and wanted some enjoyment and i got it…don’t worry that i will get half mad or full mad.i was just here for my entertainment and got it fully, sorry u wasted energy and precious on me…i was fully welli…that’s y i agitated u ppl and njoyed.thanks and now bye.i got my share of njoyment.u all were right.will disturb u wenever i will get have to go.

  10. Mannet lover
    January 13, 09:34 Reply

    Final was so interesting to f8 with u.bye dia,sana.

  11. Sana amber
    January 13, 09:27 Reply

    Dia,mannet lover,u r r8.sajida ji properly going to be full mad frm half mad nw.let’s go bef4 it yaar.

  12. Mannet lover
    January 13, 09:25 Reply

    Sajida ji,before u get mad properly,bye and fr ur kind infrmation,i am a grl too and me always meet grls.hahaha.

    • manisha
      January 13, 09:28

      don’t worry for me and my mental condition,there are many who are here to worry for me….u have already said me bye.y r u saying again and again bye.anyways i will solve ur problem goodbye.

  13. Dia
    January 13, 09:22 Reply

    Always saying if u want to hate me,hate no probz.ok sajida ji,i ll hate u too if u want.

    • manisha
      January 13, 09:22

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  14. Mannet lover
    January 13, 09:13 Reply

    Ok sajida ji,no problem we know u r a grl.and dnt wrry,we hate sajid too…lv them rockz.

    • manisha
      January 13, 09:16

      hehe…u were saying manisha karega, hoga…thats y i thought i should tell u i m a gal.why will i worry u hate him or not its ur choice…but u can hate me i have no problem.

  15. Dia
    January 13, 09:10 Reply

    Sach bole to i hate sajid too bt lv gurbina,if sajid is a gay,what’s their fault,by the way,stop f8ing and if the show starts,then f8 nt going.

  16. Dia
    January 13, 08:59 Reply

    Hmm,u r r8 manisha sm people hate gurbina fr sajid’s overreacting,and u r like hm.and we never said that we like asr mst bt said that smtimes like after listening to ur overreact,hate ths reason i,mannet lver and all gurmeet fans hate hm.

    • manisha
      January 13, 09:04

      ok then hate him mainnu ki farak painda.and if i m like sajid then hate me 2..but i m a gal so say u r like sajid…maneet lover was saying me i m sajid…how it is possible..i can be like sajid but not sajid.I hate him too..not because of gurmeet and debina but for his biased behavior.

  17. Mannet fan
    January 13, 08:50 Reply

    U said the r8 thng aftr a lng time manisha.u r sajid sir of nb6

    • manisha
      January 13, 08:54

      hahaha….o man ur gr8…u give awards to everyone ???waise for ur knowledge i hate him coz i like ashvik very much…and u know sajid likes ur favorite one…so how can i be sajid and i m female how it is possible 😛 u can call me sajida if u want

  18. Dia
    January 13, 08:45 Reply

    @manisha ji,maybe u forgt what u hv to tell so brought up hindi,and u listen hindi isn’t any international language,bt english it’s nt necessary to tell hindi with proper languages.and while writting,it’s nt problem.

    • manisha
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      ok ma’am…will keep this in mind

  19. Sana amber
    January 13, 08:41 Reply

    Samajhna hoga dia,bechari manisha hamara pyaar mein pagal ho gaya,so hamara health ke liye itna tension.and avoid ths manisha.let the show begin and see hw many fans hv mannet and hw hv arshi.i lk barun bt listening to manisha’s tlkings started to hate the way suppor u gurmians.

    • manisha
      January 13, 08:45

      u also dont know hindi…very bad…waise ek baat to hai…u got so much affected by my talks that u started to hate barun…dats so gr8 wat a person u are…i mean main jisko praise karungi..u will start to hate him or her…gr8 salute..

  20. Dia
    January 13, 08:38 Reply

    U r replying us and telling that we r poking bat.maybe ur sar mein kuch prbz hai,manisha [email protected] lver,u r r8.i wnt reply to manisha again,bechari barun ke pyar mein pagal ho gaya.lolz

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    Our gurmeet ll bck,nw time to celebrate,sm hv habit of poking nse,avoid na.

    • manisha
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      u r giving advice to avoid…but u know u yourself not avoiding my comments…wat a tragedy.

  23. Mannet forever
    January 13, 08:30 Reply

    @dia,why u r quarreling with them,i also saw their cmments,bt let them,me my all frndz are gurmeet fans,let the show start na dear,then see how many fans guru have,ok dear.and avoid their humble lecture.

  24. to lovely dia
    January 13, 08:25 Reply

    oho chill … don’t be angry young woman… don’t loose ur energy here….save if for ur favorite.tch tch tch.barun’sfans are donkey confessor…u know na..u r intelligent confessor..u know anger is injurious to ur cool.i will send some ice cubes for u.

  25. Dia
    January 13, 08:20 Reply

    And as lng as the show starts,u ll undrstnd who has mre fans,barun or gurmeet.hahaha.gurmeet is best.and dnt insult my gurmeet.and whoevdr want to faint cn na,why u guys poke ur nse always,maybe u guys hv a very tall nose.

    • manisha
      January 13, 08:35

      and yes u r absolutely right barun fans have long nose not tall nose… :P…and btw y r u giving advice to me not to poke nose on others matter u r doing the same Dia ji.

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