Beintehaa 30th September 2014 Written Update

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Beintehaa 30th September 2014 Written Update by MA

Beintehaa 30th September 2014 Written Episode

Surayya is shocked to hear that Bilal will perform halala nikah with Aaliya. Bilal says he is ready to sacrifice for his brother. Rahman hears that and says he will not permit it. Zarina asks him to calm down and sends Zain and Surayya from there. Rahman says Zarina he told her not to show her true colours and says if he finds something fishy, he will stop nikah. Rahman calls Bilal, but Bilal runs saying he will bring Qazi saheb.

Zarina says Surayya that she did not have any other option as Zain said he will not come home if his condition is not met. Surayya says she already spoke to Rehan about halala nikah and he is ready for it, asks why is she risking Bilal’s life. Zarina says Bilal will not divorce Aaliya after marrying and they both can take their revenge, asks if she can arrange nikah now. Surayya says nikah will happen at Barkath Villa.

Zain informs Fahad about Bilal agreeing for halala nikah. Fahad asks him to control himself instead of getting mad behind love as he, mom and their company needs him. Nafeesa hears their conversation, thinks she is the reason for all this and thinks of informing it to Surayya. She sees Surayya on her seat, reading book and says that she is behind everything and Aaliya is innocent and tells her all the mistakes she made, asks her to stop halala nikah. She is shocked to see it is Zarina and not Surayya. Zarina asks why she wants to ruin her and her children’s life, says Fahad will divorce her, promises her she will not tell her secret to anyone. Once Nafisa goes, she thinks she is the weakest link of this house and she should be careful. Nafisa in her room thinks how to stop Aaliya from performing halala nikah with Bilal.

Ghulam sees Shabana preparing for Aaliya’s halala nikah and asks if she is ready for it. She says even if she is not ready, there is no other way.

Zain informs Aaliya about Bilal agreeing for halala nikah. She says if he is not feeling weird about Biala agreeing. Zain says Zarina and Bilal are worried about them and it must be Rahman’s affect, says after one day they will be back together. She says another 3 months of iddat/separation will be there. Zain says after 3 months, they will be together. She says she is worried. He asks her not to worry as everything will be alright. He sees their photo frame breaking due to wind, checks it and injures his finger with broken glass. She calls him. He says he is fine and says everything will be alright.

Aaliya walks in a garden sadly and sits on the ground. Zain on the other side is busy decorating flowers for halala nikah. Rahman asks him to tell if there is anything in his mind as there is still time before nikah, asks if he is fine. Zain says there is no other way and he believes Bilal completely. Aaliya is back at her home. Shabana asks her to get ready for nikah.

Rehan’s children sadly look at him. He asks what happened. Zara says she heard about Aaliya’s nikah and asks if they are attending it. Rehan says we are not.

Zain gets ready for Aaliya’s halala nikah and eagerly waits for her. Aaliya gets ready for her nikah at her home. Man marziyaaa…… song plays in the background.. Rehan tensely looks outside of his window. Aaliya enters nikah venue with Ghulam and Shabana. Zain is mesmerized with her beauty. Tears roll down her eyes. She comes and stands near him.

Precap: Bilal goes missing before nikah. Zain in search of him. A man is shown kidnapping Bilal on gun point.

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    waiting for today epiii zain bichara roo raha ho gha kisey konay mein bath kar hahaha

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    I am a khoobsurat girl from mumbai but I m leaving in banglore because of my fashion designing course in NIFT ….. I m of 17 and huge fan of sonam kapoor and fawad khan…

    • ãwêšōmë gïrł
      October 01, 05:17

      i know that di
      u already told

      so my real name is ruchi
      from nepal
      n in grade 9

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    thanks nitya n I want to be your friend….

    • Nitya
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      lwaving me and becomin frens

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    • Nitya
      October 01, 05:15

      Ofcourse i am from india,rajsthan,age 15.cls 10.

  6. Nitya
    October 01, 04:46 Reply

    I am so excited now rehan marry aliya,reya zain khun ke asu funny.

    • ãwêšōmë gïrł
      October 01, 04:49

      hey nitya

      was only asking
      why so angry
      i didnt actually insult reyan if u noticed
      so chill

    • Nitya
      October 01, 04:50

      Ok then sorry.actually here all say hate rehan hate rehan though he so gd.thts sorry.

    • Nitya
      October 01, 04:58

      Haha ok dear as you wish.and thank you even i like it so much thts y put na.

    • Shavina
      October 01, 05:03

      Hi nitya, I m also a big fan of beintehaa but I m commenting here rarely …..

    • Shavina
      October 01, 05:05

      Hi nitya, I m also a big fan of beintehaa but I m commenting here rarely …

    • Nitya
      October 01, 05:05

      Hello shavina nice to meet want to infrm u 1st m reya fan nt zaya,thn if u want to be frnd with me or nt.and gr8 me also bi bg [email protected] girl,nice to meet you,u r good.

  7. Reya fan
    October 01, 04:30 Reply

    She nt bhabi yaar as alia nt married to zain,he divorced her.hv sm almonds if u dnt remember that.

    • Reya fan
      October 01, 04:35

      No it s nt it.i cant write in black font.if u have eyes,see it.

    • Reya fan
      October 01, 04:40

      I said that doll ka nameplate dekho,its black font.i am nt doll,i cant write in black font

    • Nitya
      October 01, 04:41

      Hello awesome girl who are you to take explanation?reya fan and doll are diff.btw love reya,so awesome jodi.

  8. aliya
    October 01, 04:05 Reply

    Pata nahi qu ye zain aliya ke peche pare ha

    • smeera
      October 01, 04:09

      Haa unko koi dusra kaam nahi hai na isliye 😉
      hey u ZaYa fan ???

  9. doll
    October 01, 03:57 Reply

    yes say i am REYA FAN

    • smeera
      October 01, 04:04

      Ohh hiii
      bt m a ZaYa fan 🙂

  10. doll
    October 01, 03:48 Reply

    wow alia marry rehan intresting…love u REYA

  11. smeera
    October 01, 03:44 Reply

    OMG!!! Dat song Man Marziya……. <3 <3
    vry emotional epi

    • smeera
      October 01, 03:51

      Its scene not epi hehehe

  12. smeera
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    Adminnnn jiiii plsssss addddd picsssssssss 🙁

    • hg
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      they wont add now

  13. Reya fan
    October 01, 01:06 Reply

    Wow ab asli maja ayega,rehan and aliya track jab start hua,after that m watchng sm disappointed nw reya marriage.i cnt u both reya.

    • doll
      October 01, 03:51

      u r right intresting ab aaiga maza jab alia rehan sa nikha u REYA

  14. Aisha
    October 01, 00:42 Reply

    I keep on wondering why bring 3 talak track when you know fully what follows after. I mean you make a religion convenient to your storyline. You have to follow the actual facts of religion.

  15. Ishti
    September 30, 23:47 Reply

    Wow nw rehan will marry so happy.reya track starts,but rehan ka dil tut jaega 3 mnth after,as he s so gd he divorce her.m sad and happy together

  16. SWEETY
    September 30, 22:48 Reply

    I jus’t hate rehaan from bottom of my heart

    • smeera
      October 01, 03:38

      Mee2 evn i hate rehan 👿

    • doll
      October 01, 03:53

      why r u saying like that rehan is nice guy..i love rehan alia jode

    • smeera
      October 01, 04:00

      Haha!! he is a nice gy hw cn u say dat… he hav a crush on his bhabhi (aliyah)….. If he is a nyc gy den he wont kidnap bilal jst lyk he did!!!!
      n pls i dont wanna argue bout dis

  17. musa
    September 30, 22:20 Reply

    bilal kidnap ho ghaya hahahhah so funny heheheh ab rehan ka sath nikaah ho gha…

    • smeera
      October 01, 03:46

      why ur laughing n gigling ???? 😉 lolzzz

    • musa
      October 01, 05:15

      hahahah hey hasna mana haii kya …hheheheh

  18. musa
    September 30, 22:18 Reply

    omg nyc epii yrr what a lovely epii awsum yrr….

  19. Ocenia9
    September 30, 14:37 Reply

    This show is making fun of the Islamic law. Halala nikha cannot be done as if it is a deal. Just get married and then Bilal will divorce so Zain can marry again. Marriage and Divorce is not a joke in Islam. A men or a women getting married has to get married with a clean intention. What kind of a muslim is Aliya. She is ready to take bilal as a lawful husband in front of Allah with the intention of getting divorce and so her way is clear to get married to Zain. This is not Islam. Please stop this nonsense.

    • Khushi
      September 30, 16:31

      I completely agree!!

    • Sk
      September 30, 17:09

      I’ve been saying exactly the same thing since this show has brought up halala nikah. Aliya says she is a true Muslim so she cannot re marry Zain in this situation as it is a gunnah, but she is ready for a pre planned halala nikah which is also a big gunnah?! Ridiculous.

    • Esha
      September 30, 20:10

      I think they’re just trying to keep the show running now, a lot of people stopped watching when Zain and Aaliya separated.

  20. Ved
    September 30, 14:29 Reply

    Good episode. I wish she marries rehan

  21. Madniya
    September 30, 14:26 Reply

    It was n amazng episode juss love zain n aaliya alot they r the best but 2days episode was very emotional…♥

  22. @sweety
    September 30, 14:00 Reply

    oh my god
    Bilal kaise bhaghta hai abu mein qazi sahab se baat kr ata hoon
    Hahaha lol

  23. @sweety
    September 30, 13:55 Reply

    very emotinal scene
    Jab zain aliya ko dekhta hai
    Man marziyaan

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