Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 19th December 2017 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 19th December 2017 Written Update by Amena

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 19th December 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amma ji asking Micky to suggest some idea. Micky asks Angoori to do a pregnancy drama, so that Tiwari really feels he should become a father. Amma ji asks Angoori to do anything, but make her a Dadi. Angoori turns shy. Anita talks to her friend and tells her that she will convince Vibhuti anyhow. Vibhuti comes home and gives her two lakhs. She asks how did he arrange money. He says I have a fertilizer factory, I have got this from it. She asks what do you mean. He asks her not to ask questions. She asks him to think about having a child. He asks what, you mean you want to become mum. He says sorry, I don’t want to become dad, think I have no courage to become a dad right no. He gives her an example of wool and sweater. She gets puzzled.

Angoori eats

tamarind. Tiwari comes home. She says I wanted to tell you about getting more tamarind. He asks why. She says I like to eat it. He says that will spoil your teeth, have curd instead. Amma ji comes and slaps him. Amma ji asks Angoori to explain. Angoori says I m pregnant. Tiwari gets glad. Amma ji slaps him and asks him to take blessings from Lord. He goes.
Happu Singh comes to meet Micky. He tells his problem. He says Gappu Singh is not my dad, my dad is someone else. Micky asks how do you know this. Happu shows the letter. Micky checks it. Happu cries. Micky says this paper is torn. Happu says I can’t find my real dad, I got mad. Micky asks what do you want. Happu says tell me name of my real dad, please. Micky says Vibhuti is your brother, his dad is your dad, don’t tell this secret to him, he doesn’t know this. Happu cries.

Vibhuti talks to his friend. He says Anita doesn’t understand me. Anita comes and gets romantic. He asks what’s the need for kids now, we have to plan things. She says I planned everything, I will maintain my figure, try to understand. She hugs him. Happu comes and greets them. Vibhuti scolds him for coming inside the house without knowing. Happu says you are my brother, I love you. Vibhuti asks what. Happu goes. Vibhuti says what’s this. Anita says grooming classes landlord is calling me for money. Vibhuti says don’t worry, I will arrange money. She goes. He says I will have dry fruits and come.

Vibhuti comes to meet Micky. Nurse asks him to talk to her, she understands everything. She gets flirty. She asks him to come. Vibhuti comes to a tea stall and worries for Anita. Tiwari comes and gives sweets to everyone. He gives Angoori’s pregnancy news to Vibhuti. Vibhuti gets shocked.

Vibhuti asks Angoori how is she feeling. He says I didn’t think of this ever that I will fulfill your dream. Anita romances Vibhuti.

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