Bin Kuch Kahe 31st July 2017 Written Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 31st July 2017 Written Update by MA

Bin Kuch Kahe 31st July 2017 Written Episode

Kabeer goes to Sudha’s room and knocks door. Sudha greets him in and asks if he needs anything. He says Abha’s wedding related documents. Sudha says she kept them in her cupboard. Mandy says even she will help. Myra also joins them. They all search documents. Mandy says Sudha forgets keeping things since childhood. Myra asks to stop arguing and search documents, Riya got these qualities from mamma. Myra finds wedding expense documents and sees banquet hall 50% refunds, reminisces Sudha lying she got full refund. Kabeer finds Abha’s wedding related documents.

Kabeer returns with Sandy and says Abha’s divorce proceedings are finalizing, she can get divorce easily as her husband did not contact her since 8 years. Sudha asks Abha to relax, she was worrying unnecessarily that her
husband did not contact her. Abha goes to her room. Sandy hopes she does not throw another condition this time. He walks towards her room and clashes with Mandy. He apologizes. She says it is a good shagun. They both wait outside Abha’s room. Whole family joins. Abha comes out and smiles. They all say Mandy’s fall is a good shagun. They all happily hug each other. Aryan hugs Sandy. Sandy says now he can call him appa. Aryan says no, appa is too old style. He says in their culture, they call father as appa. He can call Pauji in Punjabi then. Aryan says no, he will call him daddy then. Sandy agrees and hugs him.

Myra goes to Sudha’s room and apologizes that she had to bear financial crisis because her marriage failed. She says she has some savings and PF, which she will give her for Abha’s wedding.

Abha comes wearing a pretty dress. Aryan asks if she is really her mamma. Kabeer says yes and says Abha is looking so pretty, if he had seen her before, he would have proposed her and Sandy’s chance would not have come at all. He smiles. Abha says Myra look what Kabeer is telling. Myra says he is right. Sudha performs Abha’s nazar. Sandy enters with his amma and gets mesmerized seeing Abha’s beauty, says beauty is a word in his mind. She smiles. Abha touches Rukku’s feet and takes her blessing. Rukku says Sandy is lucky to have her and says Sudha let us get them engaged before Abha changes decision. Abha say let divorce proceedings finish. Sandy says that will happen on its time, let us get engaged first. Abha agrees. They congratulate each other.

Kabeer video chats with Riya. She asks how is his love life going. He says snail’s pace, but Myra is coming from denial to acceptance phase. She thanks him for everything. He says if not him, someone else would have helped her, she deserves happiness of whole world.

While having tea, Kabeer flirts with Mandy. Mandy asks when is he marrying. He says he did not find perfect match. She says she gave him 4 options. Myra says Kabeer is not ready for marriage yet. Kabeer says why not, it is time for his marriage, his father already called him. Myra leaves angrily. Kabeer hifi’s with Mandy. Myra goes and sits angrily. Abha asks her what happened. She says Kabeer troubles her a lot. Abha says why she pays heed to his words then.

Precap: Myra says Kabeeer she is worried about him a lot. Kabeer asks why.

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