D3 Dil Dosti Dance 31st July 2013 Written Update

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D3 Dil Dosti Dance 31st July 2013 Written Update by deep_Tanha

D3 Dil Dosti Dance 31st July 2013 Written Episode

Team discussing about previous night fiasco.They are happy for Rey and his career.Despite of being upset about the previous night they decide to have patience and support their friend.Swayam encouraged everyone to have faith.
Rey calls Aditya and apologizes for missing the meeting.He informs Aditya that because of swayam all the misunderstandings are clear between him and his freinds.After the call Aditya says that Rey is the dancer so he has to dance on his tunes.
Swayam put new notice about friendship day. Team discuss about their plan.Then Rey joins them and tells the team that Aditya has forgiven them. Girls start praising Aditya for his looks,attitude and cool nature.

In the morning Aditya visits college when Rey is rehearsing.He tells Rey that as a future star he should rehearse only the final products and suggests to appoint a scratch dancer.Scratch dancer is the person who will rehearse instead of Rey and Rey will dance only on the finalized steps.He explains scratch dancer as the back up lead dancer. Rey suggests Swayam ‘s name for scratch dancer. Swayam reaches there are Rey leaves the place wishing Swayam luck. He meets gang outside RH and they all talk about friendship day.All are excited to celebrate friendship day and content about the misunderstandings getting cleared. Inside the RH ,Aditya tells Swayam that they didn’t get chance to know each other better.Swayam replies to him saying he was not aware that Aditya is interested to.know him.Aditya says Swayam is a brilliant dancer.And his best friend Rey has suggested his name for scratch or back up dancer.Swayam accepts his offer.Aditya tries to instigate Swayam saying how does it feel as his best friend wants him to be his back up when he is talented enough to be the lead dancer.Swayam says he is ok with it.Aditya says he trusts Rey so much and ready to be even a back up dancer for him.Swayam says he is doing this for the whole team not only for Rey.

Aditya tries to manipulate things and says his best friend wants him to be on earth when he is having talent of being a star.Even he is feeling bad that he is offering such a great dancer a position of back up dancer.He is not a weakling.Swayam says he is a weakling by choice not by luck.

Precap:Aditya thinks about Rey and Swayam.Rey is impulsive and Swayam is analyst.One becomes hyper in situations the other one thinks rationally.He plans to separate Rey and Swayam by breaking their friendship.

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