Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava 29th August 2012 Written Update

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Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava 29th August 2012 Written Update by KriYa_life

G3 warns Viraaj. She says he can stay in the house but he will have to be away from everyone. V agrees and goes away. G3 tells RaghavI that they have proved themselves but still cant decide what is right and wrong until V doesnt prove himself. G3 thanks those ppl and they leave. Malhotra gives RaghaVI an assured look.

V-J-R: V tells them that whatever they’re doing is wrong. R says you started all this with a lie and they’ve just taken things forward. V gets all the more angry and gets into a verbal argument with R. V says he will take J back with him. J asks whether he can get back her smile, her happiness. J further adds that he will never get his wife back. V gets angry and steps towards J. R stands in between them. R warns V to stay away from J. R
tells that he got very less time and its better if he utilises that time in gathering enough proof. V says he will do some thing thats way beyond their imagination and very soon R will be thrown on the road. R says tells not to tell him about it as he has a long relation with the streets. V is annoyed and goes away. R and J also leave from there and go to meet Mr.Malhotra. They reach the garden and R calls up Dr.K to thank her for the letter. Malhotra arrives and RaghaVi thank him for his support. Malhotra says that he is very happy to see V getting defeated. R says that he is sending his men with him so that V cannot harm him. Malhotra says he doesnt need any one as V cant do anything now. He also tells them abt Priya. RaghaVi are stunned.

V goes to room. He grumbles over J’s attitute and ego. He plans to break her ego as he wants to see her the way he wants. He plans to teach R a lesson.

Raghav is monitoring V’s movements over the laptop. J gives him a glass of turmeric milk. R starts fussing around making just to avoid drinking the milk. J gets angry. R tells that she is behaving like his mom. J remembers her about her kid and starts crying. J says she never had the feeling of being a mom but she definately knows how it feels when you lose your kid. J tells R that she had decided to name her kid: Krishna. Whenever she sees Krish she always thinks about her own kid. R tells her to stop crying and gives her a glass of water. J tells him to drink the milk. Both of them have their respective drinks. They are interrupted by V’s voice over the laptop. Someone informs him that Sundar is in Sharanya Ashram. RaghaVi are furious

Both of them rush to the Ashram where Sundar is asleep. R tries to wake up but all his efforts are in vain. R goes out and bangs his fist on the wall. J gives him a kerchief and says sometimes its good to cry as it reduces the pain. R breaks down and J assures that nothing will happen to Sundar.

V enters Raghav’s room and sees the laptop. He says that ppl who install CCTV cameras should also know how to use it. He goes out and sees Tashu on the couch. V plans to use Tashu.

Scene shifts to Tashu and V. V tells Tashu that J is after R’s money. T believes him and says that they have to stop J and save R’s life.

PRECAP: V tells Unniyal that he is bringing Tashu. He reveals his plan of making a MMS clipping of her. He thinks that by doing so he will get Jaan back.

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