Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava 30th September 2012 Written Update

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Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava 30th September 2012 Written Update by likarsh

The episode starts one year later. The new Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star theme plays. We are shown Viraj painting in his confinement cell, while the doctor walks along the hallway. Viraj paints what seems to be Sia and Raghav. The doctor tells the man that over the year Viraj has become like a seven year old because of shock treatments, and that he doesn’t remember anything. The man admonishes the doctor and tells the doctor to keep up with the shock treatments till Viraj is unable to differentiate between day and night.

Tanisha is carrying a large framed photo of Raghav and Sia to put up. Gayatri comes up and asks what she is doing and compliments the photo. Tanisha, who is now wearing sindoor says it’s her wedding anniversary gift for Ragahav and Sia. Tanisha asks Gayatri if she made the cake, and Gayatri replies she has time now that Raghav is taking care of the office and Sia the ashram and she is enjoying it. Gayatri leave to put icing on the cake. During this whole exchange Krish is seen running around playing with a balloon. Tanisha places the framed photo up on the wall. Suddenly Sundar is seen behind her, and when she turns around and sees Sundar, Tanisha pops a balloon. Sundar tells Tanisha he is waiting to catch her when she falls so he can be the hero. Tanisha turns around and works on the frame again. Gayatri calls out to Sundar and askswhen Raghav will be home. Sundar replies he has no idea and is distracted to catch Tanisha as she loses her footing and falls. Tanisha pinches Sunda’s leg, and when he sees her, he laughs instead of helping Tanisha up. Tanisha goes after him with a chair while Gayatri just shakes her head.

A woman is being physically abused and hit by her husband. Sia bangs on the door. The husband opens the door and Sia advances while he backs up with a nervous look and gulping in fear. Sia slaps the husband while the wife asks Sia to save her. Sia gives a speech to the husband asking why he’s assaulting. He answers he is her husband. Sia asks if that gives him the right and if that’s his manhood. Sia tells him to slap her if he wants to prove his manhood. Sia while giving her speech has her hands on the wife’s cheek in a protective, comforting manner. Sia continues on that just because the woman stays quiet, it doesn’t mean she is not hurt. A woman keeps quiet because she has tolerance and patience, but a guy like him knows nothing but being atrocious to her. The husband says it’s not his fault, the wife is mad and she doesn’t listen. The husband says it’s their personal matter and who is she to interfere. Sia answers that he’ll know the answer in a few months and confronts the wife as police com e with other women. The husband, seeing the company he has, tells them all that the wife is mad beats him every day, to which Sia tells the inspector not to believe it. The husband reiterates his claim. Sia tells the husband that after it’s proven at the mental asylum that the wife not mad, he’ll be locked up with charges of domestic violence. The wife maintains she’s not mad and that her husband hits her ever day. Sia reassures her and cradles her, tells her it’s necessary to go to the asylum, that Sia will go with her, and that her husband can’t harm her anymore.

Viraj is in a hospital bed. The nurse administers an injection and Viraj drops a motorcycle toy. The orderlies roll his bed down the hall to another room to the doctor, who is waiting. The orderlies strap in Viraj to the bed, puts the electric material on his forehead and puts a cloth in his mouth. Another man is observing all of this in the shadows. Shocks are administered to an unconscious Viraj. We see theman’s face ‘Saxena’who tells the doctor to administer the shocks again once Viraj regains consciousness. Saxena says he’s going to inform Rana about Viraj’s condition. He looks at his watch and the time says 11:05.

The time is now a bit past 11:15 at a gambling joint with alcohol. A man who’sjust been served a drink taunts his opponent. We see the player opposite him is Ragahv, who has all Aces. The man further taunts Ragahav and tells him to show his cards. Raghav is smug and says he will go for one more move and for 10,000 rupees. The man asks if he’s playing around. Raghav asks if the man is scared, and that he plays every move to win, and that the word ‘lose’ isn’in his dictionary. The man tells Raghav to show his cards. We once again see Raghav’s cards, but Raghav simply says ‘pack.’ The man laughs and once again taunts Raghav and his one liners. The man tells Raghav to lower his eyes and that he is the best player here. He tells Raghav to pay up his loses which are around two lakhs. Raghav gets up and tells him that “Ragahv never loses” and grabs the money off the table. People grab a hold of him, the man takes the money out of Raghav’s hands and tells Raghav that he’s made a big mistake. He says his name is Jogi Thakur and that Raghav doesn’t know who supports him. If his boss comes to know, Raghav is dead. Raghav says to tell him the boss’ name so Raghav can defeat him too. The man gets angry, and a fight ensures. Dishoom Dishoom ensues. Raghav in the end grabs a pen off a goon and writes a number on the tablecloth while looking straight at Jogi, and tells Jogi that if his boss want the money, to to come meet Raghav.

Sundar gets a call from Ragahv, who is now in his business attire and fixing up his tie. Sundar is careful of Gayatri and Tahsu who are in the vicinity. He asks Raghav if he’s found anything. Raghav replies he didn’t find any information on Rana int his place either, and asks how things are at home. Sundar says all is good and all are waiting for him. Gayatri asks where Raghav is and Sundar replies that he’s in the meeting. Sundar tells Raghav to come along with Sia.

Sia thanks the women social workers for their help, and one woman (speaking for all) in turn praises her. Sia says the work isn’t finished and the husband has to be punished. The woman assures Sia that they’re there to help, and the women all leave. Raghav comes in as they are leaving. He fixes his tie and Sia admonishes Raghav for being late again. Raghav comments to himself that Madam is angry today and he’s done with. Raghav leaves and Sia hears some music. She gets up and follows the music. Raghav has his jacket off and is playing the guitar and he sings/mouths some song. Music continues playing and Ragahv holds his ear in apology, and Sia lowers his hand from his ear. Music continues playing as they come to the house and see Krish, Tashu and Gayatri sleeping on the sofa, with Sundar on another sofa also sleeping. Raghav says the party’s over, but Sia says it hasn’t started. Raghav wonders if they should wake the family up. Sia instead lights the candles, and burns her hand a bit. Raghav takes her fingers and blows on it. Sia starts singing/mouthing some song. Raghav and Sia have a romantic duet. They stare at each other, but then catch themselves. The background singers sing a bit more, and then music stops.

Sia pops the balloon, waking all up. The both of them say “Happy anniversary to us” while holding their ears. Gayatri asks where they were, but Tanisha tells her to leave it and leads all to cut the cake. Krish wants to sing “Happy Birthday,” and Tanisha corrects him. Krish says cake is cut on both occasions. Al laugh. Sia looks at Raghav, Raghav gives her an assuring nod, and they both cut the cake together. All clap. Tanisha sings “Happy anniversary to you.” All feed each other cake. Gayatra tells Raghav and Sia to feed cake to each other, and they do so as the family cheers. Tanisha takes pictures and tells Raghav and Sia to move closer for the photo. Krish pushes them together and they look at each other, while Tanisha snaps a picture.

Sia is doing the morning prayers happily and smiling. She comes into her room and sees Raghav sleeping. She gets an idea, sits beside him and hitshim with her hair. Raghav wakes up, smiles and brings her closer and caresses her face. He confirms that it’s not 8 AM yet, and then moves to kiss her. She stops him and points to her forehead. He says okay and gets up.

Raghav has showered and comes to her and puts sindoor on her maang. They are both content and smiling at each other. He says “Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Sia Raghvendra Pratap Singh”and they do a forehead bump. Sia then says “Happy Anniversary, Mr. Singh.” The smile at each other and Raghav kisses her forehead. He goes to kiss her hips and she calls out “haan ma” and starts to back off,but her necklace is caught in the towel around his neck. He once again tries to romance but Sia removes the towel and leaves.

Sia is cooking, and Raghav hugs her from behind. She asks if he’s ready and he answers yes but breakfast is not ready and he will help. She says breakfast is ready and she’s preparing lunch, not everyone is ate as he is. Raghav says she still taunts him on their anniversary. He wants to spend the whole day together. But Sia says it’s a bad idea because she has to go to the mental asylum due to the case from the day before. She gives him the choice of going with her or going to the office. He says he wants to spend the whole day with her, it doesn’t matter where she takes him. She says she will take Krish to music cass and then take him to the asylum. Raghav wonders where he is.

Krish is talking to Komal’s picture and describing the events that happened the earlier day. Raghav and Sia are emotional. Krish tell Komal he will show her the cards he made for the anniversary after he returns from the music class. Krish sees that they are upset and tells them to come to him. They kneel down and he states that they must miss his mother a lot. He wipes their tears and tells them not to cry as his mother will be sad. Raghav hugs him and then says Krish has grown up without Raghav’s realizing it. Krish says he now has to handle everything, leaving Raghav emotional. Sia tells him to remember he’s a prince. Krish leaves for the car and tells them to come soon. Raghav and Sia look at the pictures of Komal and Dev. Sia tries to comfort him and says the police is on their side and will nab whoever killed Komal. Raghav says they know nothing other than his name and the police won’t find out anything. He says Rana has hurt them twice killed two people of his family–first his brother, now his sister-in-law. The police couldn’t do anything then, nor will they do anything now. He says Rana’s name haunts him day and night and wonders shy he’s doing it to the family. He wonders if anything will happen to Krish and Sia covers his mouth and assures nothing will happen. She cups his cheek andsays he knows how much it hurts him but he shouldn’t let allow the pain to dominate him. She says he shouldn’t take any wrong step. His expression changes, she drops her hand and says asks him if he’s talking any wrong step. Raghav flashbacks to the events of the other night and says no.

At the asylum, the abusive husband throws the report down and calls it all a lie. He asks the social workers why they’re not listening to him the husband that his wife is mad. He points to a mark on his neck and says she is responsible and calls his wife insane. One of the women reiterates that the report proves his wife is not insane and that they can get him jailed. He repeats the report is a lie as are his wife’s words. Raghav and Sia enter and see this scene. The husband raises his hand to hit his wife again and Raghav holds his hand. Sia tells him the reports are not false, and that if he tries to hit his wife again he will be sent to jail without even a case, and that he should learn to treated women with respect. One how doesn’t respect women isn’t fit to be called human. Sia tells the inspector to take him away. The husband asks if the wife will allow this to happen to her husband. Sia tells him to be quiet and that he is the one who called his wife insane in front of everyone and beat her though she treated him well. She continues on and the husband is about to rant again. Ragahv stops him and then says he’s spoken too much. Once he’s in jail, he will understand that it’s a crime to beat his wife, not his right. Sia then assures the wife that ahd’s done the right thing and comforts her. Some onlookers’middle aged women’wonder what kind of women the wife is. Sia answers that before a wife she (the battered wife) is a woman, and the person who didn’t respect her as a woman deserves no respect from her. Her complaint is not her revenge, but her right. If tormenting someone is a sin, then tolerating it is a bigger sin. Sia once again assures the wife and leaves to get a file from a doctor’s office.

Cut to Viraj, who is sitting on a bench while leaves are raked. He sees a matchbox fall to the ground. He is curious and surreptitiously walk up to the spot and grabs the matchbox, and sits beside a pile of raked leaves. Viraj lights a match and playfully throws it on to the leaves. He sets the matchbox down and watches the flames before realizing the danger. He tries to blow it out unsuccessfully. He then backs off not knowing what to do. Two orderlies grab him. Viraj denies setting the fire while the orderlies say he did it and even saw him do it. The doctor comes up and Viraj denies setting the fire while the orderlies maintain Viraj set the fire.
Raghav and Sia witness all of this. Suddenly Viraj turns their way. And as they areabout to leave, Viraj calls out “Raghav, Sia.” All are just befuddled. The doctor is worried. Viraj is taken away as he says he wants to go to Sia.

Saxena is on the phone in his office, when the doctor suddenly comes in. He tells Saxena that Viraj was able to recognized Raghav and Sia. Saxena says the one year of shock treatment hasn’t had any effect and that Viraj remembers everything. Saxena says this is not good for them at all, and steps out of the frame with his phone. The doctor sees a well built man chained up in a little hidden corner of Saxena’s office. The man is chained even on his neck and is unruly. Saxena comes back and says he’s spoken to Rana and that they need to tell Rana that Viraj can no longer stay alive. Saxena tells the doctor to prepare for the final treatment. The doctor is still fixed on the chained man and Saxena notices. Saxena reminds him whether he knows what they’ve got to do. The doctor with a slight smirk, nods.

Raghav and Sia are walking in the corridors of the asylum and Jhanvi gets flashbacks of Viraj’s “Sia”earlier in the episode, then his pushing her down the stairs of the Singh mansion, Viraj with the orderlies arguing he didn’t do anything, Raghav and Sia’s hug as she’s stabbed and Viraj’s “Sia is mine or no one else’s”, Viraj protesting in the asylum as he’s led away, saying he wants to talk to Sia.

Raghav turns her to face him and tells her he understands how she’s feeling, but not to worry as Viraj can’t hurt the anymore. He says it’s been a year of treatment but Viraj hasn’t changed, he’s still enacting the same drama. A nurse says he’s not pretending and Viraj’s really gone mad. That Viraj is under 24 hour observation. The treatment and overdose has had side effects on Viraj. Raghav asks side effects? The nurse leaves and Raghav wonders how it’s possible. Raghav says he gets regular reports on Viraj, which say he’s fine and treatments are going good, so how can there be side effects. Raghav then says God has punished him this way. Sia then says Viraj should never be back in their lives. Raghav assures her and tells her not to worry. They leave.

Raghav and Sia are in the car. Sia is lost in thoughts, and Raghav holds her hand and asks her if she’s okay. He starts to ask her something. He prefaces it by saying he he knows Viraj is a bad man, is unworthy to be trusted, but if there’s even a 1% chance that it was real, perhaps they shouldn’t have left as they did. Sia says no, they did the right thing. What else could they have done? Viraj had tortured and committed many crimes, that even if he were mentally unwell, hating him is valid. She asks what good it would have done had she stayed? She also promised her family she wouldn’t allow Viraj’s shadow to fall on them. She tells Raghav to go. They are about to leave, while she gets a call about a file. She realizes it’s in the doctor’s cabin. Raghav stops her from getting out and says he’ll get the file.

Viraj is given orange juice,but as he goes to take it, the nurse pulls it back. She then again tells him to drink it,and this time lets him take it. Viraj drinks the juice, spilling the drink as he drinks. The nurse gives him his favorite toy. Viraj looks suspiciously and waits a bit while quickly grabbing it so the nurse can’t pull her hand and toy away. Viraj carefully holds on to the toy and is left alone.

Saxena and the doctor are watching through the window, and this time the chained up man in Saxena’s office is standing with them. Saxena tells the man (who’s not unchained) that is Viraj, and to kill him (Viraj).


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