Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st July 2013 Written Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st July 2013 Written Update by shobhana_dabh

Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st July 2013 Written Episode

Bhabo tell that mohit has not yet returned and asks Chavi to call. Chavli tells that she must have balance first and adds that she has not given her money. Sandy goes on to call from outside.

Meena scene

Meena brings two cup of food for mishri & kanha & remembers that she is not here. Tells kanha that he must be missing her & also she is too cute. Gets an idea to visit Dhaisa’s house. Meanwhile dhaisa is in front of the RM talking with some lady. Meena gets happy & leaves.
Meena asks why she has not used hat for misri. Misri holds meena’s hands tightly. Dhaisa tells that by sunlight babies will be stronger. Dhaisa tells that she shd be like sandy unlike meena’s beauty which is of no use. Meena thinks that she provides haldi 4 times for her grandson while she is ignoring her daughter. Dhaisa asks misri to leave meena. Dhaisa leaves. Meena is worried

Sandy tries to make a call but couldn’t get the line. Meanwhile manoj eavesdrop the convo of Abhi & another person rgd the lappy in which semis details are stored. Sandy notices manoj entering the rooming with some hesitation. Manoj informs that abhi got a call & leaves for the same. Abhi inquires abt the same in the reception. But the lady informs it is not true. Sandy listens to this. Wonders why manoj lied.

Abhi inquires manoj but he lies saying it might have got cut. Receptionist asks manoj why he did so. Manoj taunts her saying it is not her business & she is not fit remembering things. Sandy watches everything.

Sandy follows manoj. Manoj informs over phone that he would give the details near the food counter.

Sandy thinks that manoj is helping some contestant & it is very unfair on their part to leave such act which would cause injustice to other contestants. Sandy goes on to find. Mohit is waiting. Sandy looks at him & calls him. Mohit is terrified.

Sandy calls mohit & he turns with much terrified face. Sandy asks why is he here. Mohit tells that he is waiting for suraj. Sandy asks his cell phone. Sandy informs Jaiswal about manoj. Mohit is shocked. She tells that she listened to him. Adds that if anyone goes on to cheat like this it would be injustice to the others. Adds that she would try to find manoj. Sandy asks the help of mohit & asks him to find at some other side. Mohit panics & decides to inform abt the same to Manoj thro landline.

Manoj is eating. Sandy reaches him. Mohit asks him to escape & delete the info.

Sandy notices Manoj trying to delete & tells him that she knows that he has all the details regarding the semi finals in his cell phone. She tries to grab that, whereas he runs. Sandy ips chases him. Sandy snatches the cell phones & adds that he shd be ashamed & taunts him. Mohit watches it & wonders whether he deleted the same or not.

Abhi taunts Manoj in a separate room.

Everyone watch outside. Sandy informs babasa abt manoj. Babsa tells that only four contestants left & asks whether she knows who is the culprit. Sandy says that she doesn’t know & they are investigating.

Abhi comes out & tells that it is very shameful that Manoj did this. Someone asks whether they found out the culprit. Manoj & Mohit (two monkeys in ami’s words) look at each other.

Ashutosh tells that they must find out & send them out & if not it is like injustice. Pratiek seconds him.
Babsa tells that whomever it is, they have no courage. Bhabo tells that it is important to find out the culprit. Mohit- Emily gulps out of fear. Someone asks to check manoj’s mobile. Abhi tells that they checked & it is from a public booth. Prateik asks the organisers to recall all the rounds. Sandy tells that it is not good. Adds that it is one among the four. Babasa asks manoj whether he did for the first time. Manoj tells that it is the first time & for his friend. Adds that he got caught at the first time itself as sandy heard him. Manoj tells that it is the first time. abhi asks him to shut up & announces that they would take action against manoj & adds that they need time to prepare for the semi finals again so that only the capable go. Everyone nods to him. Abhi praises Sandy for her work. Mohit & emily is worried. Epi ends on the proud face of bhabo

Precap: Meena & chavi fight about lying. Bhabo thinks to self that it might be chavi who lied out of her fear

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