Ikyawann 24th March 2018 Written Update

Ikyawann 24th March 2018 Written Update by Amena

Ikyawann 24th March 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Soumya accepting the alliance. Leela blesses her. Susheel hugs Shivam happily. Sejal gets sweets. Kaki says Soumya and Shivam will have it first. Soumya says I want to take Lord blessing first. Kaki says this is our house tradition, everyone will be happy with you. Susheel says yes. Soumya prays and comes. Leela smiles. Susheel asks Soumya to have sweets. Soumya thinks I will have sweets by Satya’s hand. She gives sweets to everyone. Shivam says I will feed you, only one is left. He asks Satya to have sweets. Satya says I don’t like sweets. Soumya asks him to have it, they should feed him together. Susheel feeds sweets to Soumya and hugs her. Satya feeds Susheel and says its your fav sweets. Susheel says you should also have some. He says I don’t feel like having it, its okay.

He goes.
Sejal says you shouldn’t make Sujiyas like last time, I will help you, just follow instructions as seen in this video. She gets Mehul’s video call. Susheel and Sejal tell him that they are making paratha. Mehul asks how is Soumya, send her pic. Susheel says I have sent pic. He says they can’t open pic in laptop. She says Shivam has seen her, ask him. Mehul says he asked me to ask you. Sejal says Soumya is pretty like me. Susheel praises her. Naresh says I have kept mixture packet for you, what happened to Shivam, he went to gym. Susheel and Sejal laugh. Susheel says Shivam is doing this to impress Soumya. Sejal says Susheel is making paratha to impress Satya. Susheel says yes, he fed me my fav sweets, talk to Shivam. She ends call. Soumya hears them. Sejal teases Susheel. Soumya says I will do everything for him after some days. She smiles.

Leela says Susheel will have to leave from Satya’s life, you are here now. She asks Soumya did she hear her. Soumya says you said we have to make Susheel leave this house. Leela says wow, that’s what I want. Susheel comes and asks who is going and where. Soumya says me….how can I stay in your Sasural. Susheel hugs her. She says everyone wants to meet Soumya for the alliance talk. Leela says she belongs to our family now, one of us should go and talk to them. Susheel says good idea. She asks Soumya not to take tension. Leela says Susheel will organize your wedding in a grand way. Susheel goes. Leela says you should spend quality time with Satya, I will make sure Susheel sees you two together. Soumya says okay, fine, tell me what I have to do. Sejal sees Vishu working and asks him is he busy in work. He says yes. She asks do you love your work and hate me. He says yes. She beats him. She scolds him and asks do you hate me, did you see Satya, he thinks so much for Susheel, you are always in your work, I will break ties with you. He says fine, tell me what do you want. She says plan a perfect surprise for me. He says fine, where are you doing. She says to help Susheel.

Leela calls out Gulabo. Sejal says she has gone to Susheel’s house to talk about Shivam and Soumya’s alliance, you have sent him. Leela says I forgot. Satya says you are much after Susheel these days. Leela asks did you talk with me today. He says yes, good, carry on with her, I will go. She says no, she is your wife, she is my bahu, if she complains about us and gets me arrested, I can’t take such a big risk. He asks did she get angry on you. She says no, its better for me to act smart, goodness gets peace. She asks Soumya to join them for breakfast.

Satya and Soumya see each other. Leela says she is good. Soumya asks do you like it. He says your outfit design is good. She thanks him. She says its special day for me, I thought to give you all a treat. Vishu says good idea, Susheel is making food today. Sejal stops him and says Susheel worked hard in kitchen. Susheel asks him to try oats paratha. Satya says I don’t want to have it, thanks. Susheel asks him to try. Leela says Soumya ordered burger to give us party. Susheel says its okay Soumya, I prepared this as Satya is health conscious. Satya says I will have this today, anyone who gets hurt can create a scene. Susheel says its fine, person can have food by choice. Soumya gets fruits for him and asks him to have it. Soumya thinks I will win Satya’s heart, Susheel won’t even know it.

Susheel picks Soumya’s marriage pic. Soumya worries.

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