Ikyawann 3rd May 2018 Written Update

Ikyawann 3rd May 2018 Written Update by Amena

Ikyawann 3rd May 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kali asking Leela to stop her games, Satya is not a kid now, we lost Susheel. Satya comes to his room and cries thinking of Susheel. Kali consoles him. He says I feel helpless today. Sejal comes. He says we can feel positive, fact is written in that letter. Sejal says so what, Soumya has written her crime, we should think how to get her punished. Leela says I got that letter so that family doesn’t doubt on me, Satya was angry on me, everything will get fine, Susheel is gone. She gets the letter and checks. She thinks how did this come here. She goes. A ball hits her. She looks around. She sees Susheel’s shadow and hears her. Susheel says you did this with me and framed Soumya, wrong is wrong, you will be punished. Leela gets shocked and throws the ball.

Kali says we should

put pressure on police. They hear Leela and run out. Leela says it can’t be Susheel. Fighter Didi comes. Leela scolds her. Fighter didi says why will I scare you. Sejal jokes on Leela. Satya signs no to Fighter didi. Leela says I have heard Susheel, I saw her shadow. They take Leela home. Fighter Didi thinks who was here, Satya and I didn’t scare him, what’s happening. She sees the shadow and asks who is there. She runs. She gets a shoe and says I have given this shoe to Susheel. She comes home and says I just got Susheel’s shoe. Bhavna says I remember Susheel kept shoe aside before the match. Fighter Didi asks are we getting some hint. Satya ties Susheel’s chain to his wrist. Kali says Soumya doesn’t have courage or mind to plot all this, Susheel will come back. Fighter didi says maybe this shoe fell by mistake, Leela shouted, maybe some person came to give mistake, I m going to police station, Susheel is alive, she is in big problem. She goes out. She gets Susheel’s call. She smiles. She goes and meets Susheel. She hugs Susheel and says I m so happy seeing you. Susheel says sorry, I had to do this, police is after me, I have to say something, I met Leela that day. She tells everything
She says I decided to hide till I get Leela’s truth out. Fighter didi says everyone is worried. Susheel says I will expose Leela, I have to stay alone and focus. Fighter didi agrees. Its morning, ladies pour water on Fighter Didi. She thinks of Leela. She prays to get Leela punished. Leela wakes up. She feels restless. She fixes Lord’s pictures in her room. She goes out and asks Jhanna to make her wear the chain given by pandit. Jhanno sees someone and moves away. Fighter Didi pulls the chain and tightens. She says you will now know the pain, you killed Susheel. Leela says Soumya accepted the crime, what’s the proof that I did this. Fighter Didi says its imp to get proof, I have this letter, written by Susheel’s blood, its written that you killed Susheel. Leela gets shocked seeing the letter.


Fighter didi says I will tell Satya that you killed Susheel. Leela says give me one chance to prove she is alive. Fighter Didi gives her a chance

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