Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (Life OK) – 24th July 2013 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (Life OK) – 24th July 2013 Written Update by sonali19

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (Life OK) – 24th July 2013 Written Episode

Khushi says yes for the job, but she doesn’t know whether she did right thing or no. The girls, Pam and Sim gossip on the way Khushi is dressed, the way she talks in pure hindi. Khushi tells Payal I was helpless so I had to do this job. Arnav enters and the girls keep staring at him. Khushi asks if they have any problem in their eyes. They say ASR is coming. He is the boss. Arnav passes Khushi, but fails to see her. Khushi asks girls why everyone’s names are incomplete. Sim asks what’s complete in your name? Khushi tells her full name, Khushi Kumari Gupta, and the girls get surprised. They take her inside and introduce her to everyone. Khushi is quiet. The girls ask her to say something. Khushi says, jai maiyya ki (glory to the goddess). Everyone laughs like crazy.

Arnav gets a call from Anjali. She tells him someone sent flowers for him. Arnav says, so? Anjali explains him someone sent roses with love. She says it was Lavanya. Arnav gets shocked and confirms it. Anjali says, you were almost caught by Nani today, but Laxmi saved. Arnav hangs saying he doesn’t have time for nonsense. Anjali laughs.

Khushi is looking at someone’s computer. One girl says, don’t tell me you don’t know how to use computer. Khushi says, I learned a bit in school. The girl says, so we will have to give you computer class as well? Khushi looks close on computer screen and it’s model. Khushi says I understand her problem that she doesn’t have full clothes to wear. She suggests them to put devi ma’s photo. The girls get irritated.

Nani is searching for a clue with Laxmi to know who is in Arnav’s life. Manorama comes there. She reminds Nani that this is Aranv’s room. She sees Laxmi and says in her mind, the partnership is very strong. Manorama tells Nani I was just saying this is Arnav’s room and he doesn’t like anyone looking at his stuff. Nani tells Laxmi to tell manorama this is his grandson room and she can come anything. Manorama asks if they want her to help. Nani takes Laxmi and says I know you don’t like any one detecting you. Nani leaves.

Khushi puts devi ma idol on her desk. Arnav is working in his office upstairs. Khushi then decorates her desk with all desi stuff. Pam and Sim come there and call her ‘supermarket’. They ask her if she wants to work. Khushi says I was getting ready. They tell her to write down Lavanya’s likes and dislikes. Khushi is confused with all foreign food names.

Lavanya’s phone rings in her cabin. Pam and Sim tell Khushi to go and pick up. It’s ASR who is calling. There are too many phones and Khushi is confused. She finally picks up correct one. ASR asks who are you? Stop wasting my time and call Lavanya. Khushi tells him to talk with respect. She says you’re very strange.. you called and asking me who I am. and your sound sounds familiar. Lavanya comes and talks with ASR. ASR calls him to conference room. Lavanya gives some work to Khushi. Khushi is again confused. Lavanya tells her to write it down and not to forget to bring salad.

Khushi orders it in cafeteria and is surprised to know the prizes. She asks if they give tea in gold cup that they charge so much and she doesn’t even have money for tea. She leaves. Sim and Pam say, don’t worry darling.. you won’t have to stay here for long.

Manorama tells Anjali that she saw nani in Arnav’s room and she finds something fishy. Anjali too wonders what nani was doing there. Manorama says she was searching something and was saying about flowers. Was she finding anything about Arnav’s girlfriend? Anjali says, she just might be missing Arnav. Manorama says I said what I saw and leaves from there. Anjali feels Lavanya didn’t send those flowers and there is something wrong for sure.

ASR asks Lavanya why she sent flowers to his home. Lavanya says, I know all your likes and dislikes.. i never do what you don’t like. ASR sees Khushi’s desk and asks whose desk is it. Lavanya says, my secretary’s.

Episode ends.

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