Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 27th April 2018 Written Update

Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 27th April 2018 Written Update by Amena

Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 27th April 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the watchman doing the commentary in BPL. He feels sleepy. Janki asks him to do commentary well. Vaijanti does makeup. Daali asks her to focus. Sheela and Munni ask Vaijanti to stop it. Janki says lets start the game. Rocky and Daali come for batting. Everyone gets excited and claps. Kanhaiya tells his team that they have to win and make Daali bow down, she should know what’s a husband. Daali says I will never kiss Kanhaiya. Rocky says I will not let Kanhaiya touch you, its easy task for me to make him lose. Kanhaiya asks him to come on the ground.

The cheer leaders dance. The man says BPL inauguration is happening. Everyone starts singing and dancing. They see the trophy. Kanhaiya bowls for Daali. Daali hits a four. Everyone claps. Rocky also bats well and scores well. Maya claps for him. Kanhaiya takes Rocky and Daali’s wickets. Rocky says I will make you lose and bear the insult. Kanhaiya and his team go for batting. His team members lose the wickets. Kanhaiya plays well and hits fours and sixes on every ball. Everyone gets tensed. Kanhaiya hits more scores. Rocky fails to catch the ball within the boundary line. Kanhaiya wins the match. Everyone gets glad.

Kanhaiya says wait, its hatred…. Daali looks at him. He says you don’t love me, I won’t take your kiss.

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