Jodha Akbar 31st July 2013 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 31st July 2013 Written Update by Atiba

Jodha Akbar 31st July 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1
maham is offering prayers when she hears some noise which disturbs her. She comes out angerily and sees a women sitting on ground she shouts on her and says to punish her the women talks about Quran maham fumes. One servent comes and informs about the nikkah of jodha akbar the women says now you will salute a hindu queen maham ask her to go. Maham says now a hindu queen will see a salute from her she will show her who is harem’s real queen and will make her servant. She smiles evilly

scene 2
bharmal thanks everybody for coming on short notice and says the talk is very important masa ask to bring jodha bharmal says not now. He says to save amer he had to bow down infront of mughals. He made a relationship with mughals he says thing which didnt happen earlier will happen now. One daughter will go to mughals from amer. Jodha is going to marry jalal. Masa remembers shugni bai’s talk. Dadi ask bharmal what is this he says he had taken this decision as amer’s king and jodha will not accept this so no one will tell her now about this. Masa falls on ground. All take her to her room. Here everybody start fuming against bharmal and says king even doesnt has the right to destroy amer’s prestige all ministers leave angrily. One son try to dissuade bharmal but he says he promised jodha he will save amer and now jodha will be india’s queen.

Scene 3
some girl informs moti bai about jodha’s relation. She is shocked and says what will happen when jodha comes to know about it. Masa unconscious remembers shugni’s talk and wakes up dadi tries to consoles her and says we have to support jodha now. Masa says did everything to save her sukaniya comes and listens. Masa says how can our daughter goes to mughals and cries badly. sukaniya is shocked and listens that whom she wanted to be behead is now going to be her husband. sukaniya panics , cries and runs from there.

Scene 4
jodha is playing with parrots .moti comes from behind jodha cheerfully says now all sons and warriors will be free. And says she will free these parrots now. She frees them. Here jalal says he like parrots in cage. And says he is sad as he cant see jodha’s face after this proposal. Maham comes and congratulates and gives him salt and says this is not sugar. You cant marry amer’s queen. Jalal eats more and says its tasty than sweets. He orders to make sub palace for her. Give everything to her but all rules that applies on other queens like waiting for king will apply on her. Maham says jodha will die everyday here jalal will make her queen. Will give her queen’s designation but her head will remain down. He will cage her down here in harem. She will keep waiting for him. She smirks happily.

Scene 5
sukaniya ties to tell jodha about the proposal but fails someone informs about masa’s health to her. jodha comes to masa and ask dadi what happened to masa other side sukaniya is talking and here masa is also not talking. Masa has hands on eyes and is crying. Dadi says to jodha nothing happened. Some girl informs jodha bharmal has called you. She goes bharmal ask what can you do for your amer for your dust. Jodha says can do everything make herself of dust. Bharmal says worth is very much can you do that she ask what bharmal says I made your relationship with.. Jodha stops him and says you do not have to tell his name. I dont wanna know if jodha is the price for saving my brothers and amer then I am ready to marry anyone she leaves saying this. Bharmal is skeptical.

Precap- Masa says to bharmal why dont you tell jodha that she is going to marry… Jalal they turn back and sees jodha they are stunned.

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  9. tanni
    August 01, 08:51 Reply

    again a Rocking episode.. its getting more and more interesting day by day..
    @kia: me too got goosebumps while watching d epi..

    jalal is already treating jodha as special & different from other begums.. he is building a new Palace specially for jodha.. its called jodha bai mahal..

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    getting in love with jalal more nd more…the passion he has jst take my heart awayy
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  12. diya
    July 31, 23:37 Reply

    getting in love with jalal more nd more…the passion he has jst take my heart awayy
    hello guys all R’ians hw r [email protected] me fine..missing u guys a lot..little busy wit my studies..but i miss u guys every sec

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    miss u all guyzz….. @ritu @diya @yuvi @anjana @ xia. whr r u all yr……

  14. indian
    July 31, 16:30 Reply

    loooove jalal Android jodha can’t wait for wedding

  15. krishalini
    July 31, 12:59 Reply

    Awesome….does anyone watched new promo……..?? its amazing…it seems like after marriage!! thanks Atiba:) ….

  16. shikha
    July 31, 12:42 Reply

    Nice seria. Waiting for marriage to be done soon.

  17. suraj
    July 31, 11:58 Reply

    awesome episode….. now eagerly waiting for the marriage…..

  18. dejavoozie
    July 31, 11:46 Reply

    I love this serial.. hope they make the episodes very very long…

  19. Kia
    July 31, 11:45 Reply

    Damn its going to soooooo intresting…. I m already having goosebumps 😀 🙂

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