Kalash 30th June 2015 Written Update

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Kalash 30th June 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Kalash 30th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Saket comes to Devika’s house, he says to Ravi that its going to be fun to win over you, maybe your mind will start working seeing Devika in bridal dress and you get some idea, he takes him to room.
Navi is in her office, her phone is ringing but she is in thoughts, Mr. Rao(her client0 is calling, Rakesh comes and picks the call, he says i will inform Navi and will call you back, you have given her contract, i will talk to her, he ends call, Navi says dad you here? Rakesh says i have not made you Ceo to keep sitting here, you are so lost, Mr. Rao was calling but you are sleeping, we have to be alert but my princess in which you are lost? well i have come here for some other reason, Navi says yes how come you here? Rakesh says i dont understand how Mr, Rao gave you such a big project, Navi says yes we had sent him proposal but.. Rakesh says you should be dancing that you got it, i know what you deserve but you have alot more than that, Navi says this is same project for which you were trying for many years, and you used to discourage me that i cant handle it, Rakesh says yes, unfortunately i didnt get it but loser you got it, i dont know if you got it by mistake, Navi says i knew you would say that, thats why i sent this proposal going against you, you always doubt my capabilities, Rakesh says i have experience and i know your weak points and what you deserve, if i had not picked his call then you would have loss this project, but as a father i am happy with my daughter, congrats, he shakes hands with her and smiles, Rakesh says but that doesnt mean you have achieved my position, you have to work hard and i am not that old to get retired, keep working hard and keep getting projects, all the best, he says we gave job to new guy Ravi last month, i want to meet him, he leaves, Navi says this means Ravi has done all this.

Scene 2
Saket brings Ravi to Devika’s room and says i have got bridal dress for you, wear it, i wanna see if it fits you or not, go and change, Devika stares Ravi, Saket says he is your friend so dont be shy because of him, go and change, Devika is tensed, she goes to change, Saket says to Ravi that i will make your life hell as you have come in my way, DEvika comes there in bridal dress, Saket says to Ravi that game starts now, Saket says to Devika that you are looking deadly beautiful, he caresses her face and says why you are shying away from me? he pulls her closer, she is stunned, he says dont be shy, you will be mine soon, he is holding her hand, Ravi comes inbetween and ask Saket to leave hand, he says come closer to her when you get married, she is not some furniture that you can rule over her, if she screams then you will be gone, she is silent because of her family, dont take her test, if her patience gets over then storm will come and you wont be able to handle it, he covers DEvika with dupatta which Saket has pulled, he says to Saket that what you have got, respect that, only that way you can win heart, she is marrying a jerk like you because of her family but you have no respect for her, groom pampers bride but you have filled her eyes with tears, at haldi time and even now, you are making her hate you, once girl start hating someone then its difficult to remove it, Saket says if you are done then leave, Devika ask Ravi to leave, he stares at Saket and leaves, Saket says this dress is not that much good, i will bring another one.

Scene 3
Navi says i cant believe that i made my dad lose, if it was dream? no he was happy for me and congratulated me, i am so much happy, she says this all has happened because of Ravi, he has given me biggest happiness of my life and i was treating him badly for many days, i will call him and will tell him this good news, she calls Ravi, Ravi says she must be calling to talk about sangeet, my mood will become bad if i talk to her, he puts phone on silent, Sakshi comes and takes Ravi with her, she shows Devika crying to Ravi, she says can you see her situation? what your heart says? i cant see her crying like this, this is your last chance, please save my sister, Ravi looks at Devika and goes in her room, Sakshi leaves.
Devika is weeping, Ravi calls her, DEvika runs and hugs him, she cries badly, Ravi is confused but then hug her back and consoles her.
Gayetri says to Savitri that Saket will bring great bridal dress for Devika, Shekhar ask how many guests will you bring? Gayetri says around 1000, all are stunned that how will they do arrangement. Ravi ask Devika to calm down, he says i cant see you crying, Evika wipes her tears, breaks hug and says i am sorry, it doesnt happen to me but dont know, Ravi makes her sit, he says you are friend so you dont have to justify anything, you can share anything with me, what it hurting you> Devika drinks water and weeps.

PRECAP- Gayetri says to Devika that you cannot leave that land, its important for us so do what Saket is telling you, DEvika is tensed.

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