Kundali Bhagya 13th March 2018 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 13th March 2018 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 13th March 2018 Written Episode

Prithvi calls everyone’s attention towards his injury. Karan comes to him and mocks him for challenging him. Rishab calls Giresh to get ice pack for him. Karan and Shrishti join everyone to show some sympathy for Prithvi. Prithvi blames Karan for planning to strike him directly. Karan was casual and asks why he went to boundary; he reminds Prithvi himself called Karan an amateur player who wins by luck only, then how can he plan a strike towards Prithvi’s face. Prithvi was furious and leaves. Prithvi looks towards Shrishti and understands it was a deliberate strike.
Later, Karan was standing at the balcony. Sherlin comes complaining that he hit Prithvi so hard and didn’t even apologize, in fact he is enjoying the view. Karan in return questions why Sherlin is so concerned for Prithvi and

holds such affiliation for Prithvi. Rishab comes there and sense some tension. He comes to ask Sherlin about the matter. Karan says Sherlin was so concerned for Prithvi, she actually scolded him. Sherlin was silent and says she can’t understand Karan holds such false opinion for her. It’s true, on their mehndi function Karan deliberately made Prithvi fell and today he again hurt him. Karan and Rishab break into laughter. Sherlin complains to Rishab for laughing over it; everyone in the family is tensed and Sarla is too nice to complain to Karan. Prithvi can even break his engagement with Preeta; not at least in their house. Rishab and Karan think Prithvi’s engagement must break with Preeta. Karan tells Sherlin if Prithvi wants to break the engagement he must do it today, he wish this proposal is broken so that at least Preeta’s life is saved. Karan asks Sherlin to congratulate him before leaving, she does it dryly.
Inside, Rakhi apologizes Sarla for what happened. Sarla was upset that Prithvi has a misunderstanding, she goes outside to apologize Prithvi. Rakhi spots Sarla in the kitchen, then suggests that Preeta must go and bring Prithvi inside. He is her husband to be, and must listen to her. Preeta wonders if she would be able to do it or not but agrees to try.
Karan and Shrishti laugh together. Shrishti boasts about being mentally and physically sound enough to understand his situation. Preeta hear them together. Karan watches her go furiously and was worried, and tells Shrishti about it. Both were worried, Shrishti sends Karan to make Preeta up. Sarla stood behind her and scolds Shrishti that Prithvi has been badly hurt, is she celebrating for Preeta’s fiancé’s pain. Shrishti apologizes Sarla for forgetting about him, she was excited for the game.
Preeta comes outside and notices Prithvi’s car was here but Prithvi was nowhere in the house. She decides to find a driver and follow him. Karan comes out but Preeta ignores him. Karan offers to help her find her breaded goat. Preeta clarifies he isn’t a goat. Karan was nice to her and says he is ready to help Preeta right now, it’s important for them to find him through car. Preeta agrees.
Rakhi and Sherlin came out to get some luggage from the car. She asks Karan and Preeta where they are going at this time. Preeta says Prithvi might have walked away out of anger and they are going to find him. Rakhi was concerned as it’s an unknown place.

PRECAP: In the car, Preeta considers Karan as wrong even if the strike wasn’t deliberate, because he is a professional player. Karan laughs that Prithvi had challenged him and suffered himself.

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