Laado 2 13th March 2018 Written Update

Laado 2 13th March 2018 Written Update by H_Hasan

Laado 2 13th March 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Yuvraj throwing Anushka out of house and says they will have only one relation,that is of hatred. Anu brushes off his hand and says what you are thinking, you will kick me out, my motive was to get criminals punished. She then turns to malhari and says you had stopped me from leaving the house, I didn’t stop because of you, but because of my motive. She says she wanted to teach a lesson to enemies and result is infront of you all. They used to thought of themselves as Veerpur real men and says now they can’t harm any girl. She tells Yuvraj that she will not have any hatred relation with her, her mission is completed, she will go from here proudly with her head high. She throws haveli keys and walks out proudly. Veerpur ki mardani plays……

Meera is sleeping and recalls

Rantej’s tortures. She wakes up shockingly and hears someone knocking on the door. She thinks who have come at this time and thinks if Rantej sent someone. She opens the door tensedly and sees Anu. She asks if anything had happened? Anu says truth failed today. Yuvraj supported evil. Meera asks did Yuvraj supported him and asks if Rantej harmed her. Anu says Rantej tried to kill me, but Yuvraj saved me. She tells her that she has left that family and Yuvraj. She says I have nobody in my family. Meera says I am your family. Anu asks her to take care of her from now onwards. Meera hugs her.
Malhari recalls Anu’s words and tries to break God’s idol. Rantej stops her. Malhari says I gave you both birth after worshipping God for many years. She says this is a stone and that’s why I have damaged this idol, my sons can’t give me heir. Rantej asks how you will kill Anushka? Malhari says first Yuvraj and tells that until he is standing infront of her, we can’t kill her. Rantej says he is on our side and kicked her out. Malhari says he saved her. she asks him to get involved in business.

Komal comes to Yuvraj and asks why did you throw Anu out. Yuvraj says you didn’t know what she has done. Komal asks him to tell and says she is not a kid. Yuvraj asks her to forget Anu.

Yuvraj checks seeds and asks Dushyant to get it distributed to farmers. Dushyant asks what about us. Rantej brings hybrid seeds and says he got it from his friend. Yuvraj asks Rantej to open Rantej’s cabin and asks him to work well. Rantej says I will try. Dushyant and Rantej laughs. Rantej says very soon I will harvest the field. They laugh. Rantej thinks now you see Yuvraj how I humiliate your name.

Next morning, Anu tells her woman gang that she left haveli and now they she will fight for women more. Rantej comes to Yuvraj’s cabin and keeps something. More woman comes to become part of Mardani gang. Mardani song plays…

Rantej and Tej gets guns and drugs to trap Yuvraj. Anu and her Mardani gang save more women.

This week yuvraj will come to know about Rantej’s heinous crimes and sees luxurious lock up. Constables inform him about Rantej raping Janvi. Khadak Singh tells Yuvraj that Balwant don’t want him to know the truth. Yuvraj is shocked.

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