Laado 2 31st January 2018 Written Update

Laado 2 31st January 2018 Written Update by H_Hasan

Laado 2 31st January 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Meera asking Rantej if he will have food. Rantej says he don’t want to have food and says let him think what will be more benefitted to him, his Bapu’s death or life. Meera is shocked. Rantej says if he dies, then I will get all responsibility, business and wealth on my strong shoulder, but my freedom will be gone, but if he is saved then how he will take anger on me. He says he is responsible for Balwant’s condition and asks her not to tell anyone. Meera nods her head. Malhari asks Doctor how much time they will take. They see Anu bringing Amma ji there. Malhari says this hospital is made by my family and asks Doctor to throw her out, says this hospital is for humans and not for monsters. Yuvraj says anyone can get treated in the hospital.

Anu asks them to pray that

her Dadi gets fine else your penance will make you pay big. She says you family got my Janvi sacrificed and says if anything happens to her Dadi that there will be ashes in all Veerpur. Dushyant warns her and says they were quiet and didn’t show true colors to him. Yuvraj asks Doctor to take Amma ji. Anu recalls Yuvraj stabbing Amma ji. She sees Balwant taken out from ICU. Komal asks Yuvraj how you can kill Amma ji and says today you have crossed all limits. Yuvraj says if he should have watched her killing Balwant and says he is repenting for not killing Amma ji before. Komal asks what about Anushka. Yuvraj says she knows that the murderers die such deaths. Doctor comes and tells Anu that there is a 50 percent chance of survival. Anu holds Yuvraj’s collar and says you have to pay for this. Saroja comes and asks Anu to come as Amma ji wants to say her something.
Anu goes to Amma ji and asks her to say. A fb is shown, Amma ji ets rabdi and likes it. Janvi says it is Didi’s idea. Anu says it has lots of cholesterol and asks her to have green vegetables so that she lives longer. Amma ji asks if I have vegetable then what will Binita will have. Saroja brings goat and makes her have palak. Anu asks what about your health. Amma ji holds her hand tightly and asks her to get her hands freed. Anu couldn’t free her hairs. Amma ji promises that she is strong and can take care of her children. Fb ends. Anu says I will not let you go. Saroja asks Anu to tie taveez to Amma ji’s hand. Anu ties it to her hand. Amma ji recalls Anu breaking relation with her. Nurse comes and tells that Police came to take your statement. Ward boy asks Anu and Yuvraj to register the complaint. Yuvraj recalls Amma ji shooting Balwant, while Anu recalls Yuvraj stabbing Amma ji.

Inspector tells that this is a high profile case. He says both were attacked at same time and asks them to tell. Yuvraj says when I reached there, Balwant was lying injured. Anu says I don’t know who have done this, but only coward can do this. Saroja is shocked to see Anu hiding Yuvraj’s crime. Inspector asks if there is any argument between both families. Yuvraj and anu say no.

Saroja asks Anu why she haven’t told anything to Police. Anu says after Janvi’s case, she has understood that Police will not help them going against Chaudhary. Jaydev comes to her and tells that Amma ji is missing. Anu runs to her ward. Nurse says when I came here, she was missing. Anu asks her to tell where is she and cries, says she can’t live without her. She folds her hands and asks her to give her Dadi. Rantej comes there and says if anyone will come after death. He says I had decided to kill her when she attacked my father. He says muh dikhayi was pending from me and I thought to settle down all scores. Anu asks what did you do with my Dadi. Rantej says I have buried her and that too alive. Anu is shocked.

Anu tries to dig the land to search Amma ji. Villagers asks her to go. Anu threatens to bury them alive if they try to stop her.

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