Mahakali 26th November 2017 Written Update

Mahakali 26th November 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Mahakali 26th November 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Shiv says for you I am even ready to give up on my life. Parvati says I will not let than happen. I promise you this all will end and Lakshmi will come back too. ANd nothing will happen to you as well. Shiv says we don’t have time.

Andhak says mata I am coming to take you from Mahadev. Guru ji prepares all his men.
Indra’s men tell him the Asu sena is coming to attack Devs and Andhak is with them as well. Kartika says to shiv don’t worry. U am there with Dev.
Adhak and his army are against devs. Devs cannot use their weapons. Indra says how will we attack them without weapons. Kartika calls his weapon but he can’t take them as well. Nandi says how is that possible? Ganesh says they have all gone. All the weapons have gone. Kartika says I will
fight them without any weapons. Nandi and Ganesh say we will come with you too.

Dev fights Andhak’s men. Parvati says I have to do something.
Indra says we have to do something. They all run from there. Andhak says they are running but no one can save them today. Andhak throws fire their but it gets stopped. Guru ji say don’t do this. We can’t do that.
Parvati says we will go and fight them. Shiv says we can’t do that. You have to keep your promise. You can’t go there. Parvatu saays but we need to go to Devs. Indra and all devs come there asking for help. He says we have lost all our powers and weapons. Parvvvati says who can’t protect themselves even I can’t protect them. you have to protect your own selves.

Andhak is angry. Guru says calm down. Andhak says why did you let them go. Andhak says I would have killed them today. I would have taken my mom from them. Those devs now will find aa way out of all this.
Parvati saays this is your problem and you have to do something about it. Indra says without your help we can’t do anything. Please guide us what can we do. Indra says we have to lost all our powers. He says Ganesh please help us. ganesh says all our weapons have gone. We have to take help from the one who is really powerful.

Scene 2
Parvati says why do I feel like there is something about all this that I don’t know of.
Indra and Ganesh come to Andhak and Guru dev. Andhak comes to attack them but guru dev stops him. Guru dev says why are you here? Indra says we are here to offer you something. Andhak says you have lost everything what can you offer us. Ganesh says we don’t have to give you can always take.
Vishnu says this will be the worst fight. Someone has to stop it. Parvati says who? Vishnu says you remember what you saw right? Mahadev has to go there in waters. I don’t know what to do. I can just hope everything goees well.
Shiv says we have to see if they accept our offer.

Andhak says to Guru dev they can’t stop us now.
Parvati says we will face this problem and solve it.
Parvati asks Vinayak and Devs to prepare. Vishnu says to Shiv what you are going to do for this universe is great. I wish you luck.
Parvati says someone told me a woman caan do everything. We will find a solution to this problem together. I have trust in me and you.
Indra, devs and Vinayak come to the cliff. Shiv says its about time PArvati. He leaves.

Shiv comes to Indra and Devs. Parvati is with him as well. Guru dev downs down to them. Guru dev says welcome. Parvati says your actions will harm everyone. If you harm dev you harm everyone in the universe. Indra says lets start it.
There is a chain on the ground. Guru dev ties the cliff with it. Indra says lets start it. Parvati says start it. They all rush towards the waters. All the devs and Andhak’s army try to pull the cliff towards themselves. They all falls down.
Indra says to Shiv there is nothing that can pull this cliff. pplease tell us what can help us in pulling this cliff. Shiv tells them what can they use.

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