Manmarziyan 22nd August 2015 Written Update

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Manmarziyan 22nd August 2015 Written Update by Amenaa

Manmarziyan 22nd August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nandini telling Arjun that he is in love with Radhika. Sam comes and greets her. Nandini says Arjun is in true love, say whats the cure for this. Sam says there is no cure for love and excuses herself. Nandini asks Arjun to take Radhika’s sign till night, will he be able to do this. Arjun says I will get her sign, and looks at Radhika. Radhika sits thinking. Nandini asks her does she come here to work or dream, atleast she can work at home if not here. Radhika says you can work, if I do everything, you will get bored.

Nandini says so sweet, all this drama will end soon, as Arjun will be kicking you out from home. Radhika says Arjun is not so bad as you want to make him, he has a good person in him, he can’t do this. Nandini laughs and says you got trapped, you came to save Sam, you are trying to find Arjun and make him Lord, the Arjun whom you love is making your divorce papers ready, and you are dreaming here, you better sit and dream, don’t do work, this suits you better. She goes. Samrat looks on shocked.

Sam asks Neil to come out. Neil asks her to go. She says no one is going anywhere, come out idiot. He asks will you stop me? She says why will I, you will stop on your own. You can’t go without notice, and says many things. He says none of these reasons can stop me. She asks then what reason can stop you. He says I won’t say, you think yourself. He goes. She recalls Samrat’s words.

Samrat talks to Siddharth. Nandini comes to him and greets. He says my place is vacant, please sit. She says I want Piyali’s place, not yours. He says when a place is not vacant, second place should be made. He says he has got all those memories back, of them and birdsong. She moves away from him. He asks does she remember those days. She says I have some work and starts leaving. He holds her hand and stops her, asking why is she leaving so soon, when she came to meet him. She leaves. He says what do you think Nandini, just you can play this game, and smiles.

Arjun looks for Radhika. He calls her and does not connect. He comes home and asks Mala did Radhika come home. Mala says yes, she is in her room, she said she is unwell. Arjun comes to Radhika and asks is she fine. Radhika shows the divorce papers. She asks him does he want her to sign on these papers…..

Sam asks Neil will he answer truly if she asks the right question. She asks do you love me. Neil looks at her. Radhika asks Arjun to say. Arjun says this is not divorce paper, not to break this fake relation, we can end this punishment and move on in life. She says I don’t have any way to move on. He asks till when will we keep this drama. She says till you leave Sam.

He holds her and makes her sit. He says its foolishness to expect what can’t happen, till Nandini’s tears don’t stop, I can’t stop following Sam, this marriage can’t stop me, but you can get free by signing on these papers, and live life your way, our game has no place for you, go Radhika. She says she made her place when she married him. He asks her to go away, else her inner lightness will get bad sighted by this darkness. She asks does he want this divorce, or Nandini di?

She says she can’t give him divorce. He asks why. She says for Sam. He asks what, just for Sam, is there no other reason, tell me why are you after me, why don’t you want wish to give me divorce, say it once, maybe I will leave everything and move back, tell me. She says there can’t be any reason between us, I don’t have such status and you don’t have that courage. He angrily leaves.

Sam asks Neil to say does he love her. Neil holds her and sees her well. He asks did she see her face in mirror, that she thinks the world loves her, I wish, but I don’t love you. She asks would you tell me if you did. He says I would have not needed to say, you would have heard my heart voice. She asks then why is he going, her life will be incomplete without him. He says maybe I want to make you realize this.

Sam holds Neil’s hand and says there is something more to this, till you don’t tell me truth, I won’t leave your hand. Neil asks does she have courage to hear the truth, he does not love her, but he thinks she started loving him. Benaam rishta……darmiyaan……plays……….She leaves his hand. He leaves. Radhika thinks of Arjun’s words and recalls the moments.

Radhika comes to Sam and asks does she still love Arjun. They both cry. Sam says I don’t know, but I know that if you did not come between us, I would have not know the truth of my heart.

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  1. angel
    August 24, 18:07 Reply

    come on guys chill show is going to be off on a good note so take it easy actually we have to be happy that arjun radz and neel sam is going to be together forever one day every show has to go off air

  2. Nethu
    August 24, 08:09 Reply

    Oh my god we are going miss it I am crazy fan of manmarzian the last days of manmarzian started the show has started with a ame but ending with marriage I think star plus at lest to be given 2months for air off at lest it will be many twist in that ediotik star plus u gone as miss it a big big show

    I love manmarzian ….. Always ……. I think it should come in season 2….
    But this star plus will make it as sas babu serial I hate u star plus fellows….

  3. ankitha
    August 23, 14:11 Reply

    awesome expressions by all.I really miss u guys

  4. sha
    August 23, 08:15 Reply

    guys the best tribute starb plus can give to such an amazing show is to replace it with an amzing show. but no!!!!! theyr going to repkace it with some really stupid sghow!!!!!! that makes me hate star plus edven more. now after manmarziyan the only good show that’ll be left out will be yhm and badtameez dil. how sad… star plus will soon be finished with its best shows. especially youth shows. seriously their shows are terrible.

  5. ♥«izzy~girl»♥
    August 23, 06:51 Reply

    »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥
    »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥
    »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥
    »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥
    »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥
    »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥
    »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥ »♥
    for manmarzian

  6. ♥«izzy~girl»♥
    August 23, 06:37 Reply

    So the countdown has began!!
    I just couldn’t believe that a TV show could make me cry.
    even though yesterdays episode wasn’t that emotional to make someone cry but I did.
    nandu you did a very good job by making those duos realize the love they have for each other .
    I dont think Arjun heard most of what she was saying because his eyes never left radhika.. seeing how tensed she was.

    and those little talks they had was so heart touching ..
    for a minute i thought rads was gonna tell him she loves him….
    but my heart broke into pieces along with arjun’s when rads said there was no other reasons!!! 🙁 🙁

    Had no idea Niel could be this tricky (in a great way)
    sam was disappointed when she heard him say no…
    i was for a bit too… but neil well played dear u r such a hero today
    “my life is incomplete without you”
    “maybe I want to make you realize that”
    those dialogues were just amazing…..
    mondays episode is going to be blockbuster …
    because sam will finally realize Neil has always been her true love..
    and the girls are going to make up.

    cant wait for monday to come.!!!!

    missing you already guys. 🙁 🙁

  7. swar
    August 23, 06:35 Reply

    nyc epi.. I think in d precap sam is telling about neil.

  8. anjali
    August 23, 04:24 Reply

    i just loved this epi n my most fvrt jodi ardhika like ystrday.pls star plus don’t end this show.khwahishon pe likhi dil ki ye arziyan plz don’t end MANMARZIYAN.

  9. Sura
    August 23, 01:35 Reply

    Pls, just dont stp dym ,its the only way 2 c my karn(arjun) i luv him alot n every1 else 2

  10. gayani
    August 22, 23:55 Reply

    this drama is just amazing , the show which coming after manmarziya ,i will hate that show,i dont knw why this star+ going to do this,

    arjun and radhika i just love you both,
    i am going to miss this show very badly,

  11. renu
    August 22, 19:53 Reply

    iiiiiiiiiiiii friends,….

    i hate the thot that this show gonna end by 6 epi,…each n every epi s good n i cant say this s the best epi of mmz,…m feeling that every epi wins the previous episode yaar,..but my gutter mind s saying that i gonna miss my ardhika’s passionate romance after their confession,…i think m imagining too much,….wat can i do, ly imagination left 4 me now yaar,….

    K stopping my bakwaas,…wat an emotional epi yaar,..i loved all the 3 couple incl nandhu- samrat,..(see m in full mood inspite of my headache,hehehe,…),…2day show stealer s both arjun n neil,…equal equal performance 4m both these hotties,…

    Friends, i said in yday’s epi,..arjun came out of his revenge mood completely,..2day he s really pissed off by nandhu’s crap n even dinn get shocked hearing that he s in love with radz 4m nandhu’s mouth as he s busy in drooling over his wife,…nandhu witnessed that her manipulation ll not ve any effect on arjun,….

    Btw,freinds ve u all noticed 1 thing,wen sam entered arjun’s cabin,..both arjun n sam r not affected cox of their respective revenge games,…v know arjun already decided wat he wants in yday epi itself,…so its obvious,he was not affected by sam but 4 the 1st time, i felt sam too least affected by arjun 2day (they even dinn ask y the other dinn attend the dinner party r convey the reason 4 their absence,…)as sam’s mind s fully occupied by her real love neil,…

    next my nandhu darling dont wanna see her defeat,..hence she starts her manipulation therapy 2 radz,…but i wanna ask 1 question 2 nandhu,…nandhu wat u want dear???u want ur brother n his wife 2 soon realize their love n consummate their marriage n wanna make u buvaji,…omg wat an idea madamji,…first u disclosed all ur plans 2 radz b4 arjun’s marriage just 2 make ardhika marry each other,second they wanna move on in their life without crossing each other but u asked ur bro 2 bring back his wife again n continue the marriage full-fledgedly wen arjun wanna divorce radz,… n now u want divorce n revealing the sweat truth tat arjun loves radz 2 arjun n radz loves arjun 2 radz,..A big hug 4m me darling,… cox i knew my chasni ll just dream about her arjun sir n she ll never realize that she has some feeling 4 her arjun sir,..u made it simpler now,….u r really a big cupid 4 my passionate couples,…

    N friends,..i wanna thank cvs that now revenge truth ll b out by samrat,..the main criminal partners r ready 4 the next ploy,…1 thing got cleared that i doubt how arjun easily seduce any girls being bony r sam without any feelings 4m him, i got the answer,..he s nandhu’s bro na ,..afterall he learnt this thing 4m her r8 4m his childhood , cant he execute it yaar,..btw,samrat’s new move really gives me hope that radz ll not deal with nandhu’s truth anymore as she has more 2 deal with her hubby,…


    so,sam searched neil n tries 2 back off 4m his decision of leaving bs by stating silly excuses n neils reply 2 her in bathroom,.use brain 2 find the real reason samy..loved it yaar,…2day i felt some similarities btw both the couples,…i really loved neil 2day,…wen he said ,’ve u saw ur face in mirror, could u think every1 loves u,…n i dinn love u,…’ again wen she asked ‘u ll love me in future’,..neil replied,’i wish there s no need 2 confess,..cant u hear my heart,’ loved it man…neil u r talking about dil ki baat 2 brainless sam,..sry she got brain wen she s with u… sam admits that her life is incomplete without him,…she s stubborn 2 know neil loves her r not,..y u need 2 know neil loves u r not wen u r not in love samy,..y dear,..u said u ll not leave him until u get reply 4m him,…m totally enjoyed the reply 4m neil,…’i dinn love u but i think u r started 2 love me’ leaves sam shocked n neil leaves 4m there 2 make her realize that she loves him,…nice move neil,…if neil confessed his love(actually he confessed his love without saying I luv u)she ll b thinking again 2 take wat decision n ll never try 2 realize her love feelings which is hidden in the mirror image of her friendship glass,….so,tis treatment s necessary 4 sam,,..


    ve u all knew that i always talk about arjun more than my chasni but 2day m gonna talk more about my chasni,,kindly bear with me,…

    Radz,u r day dreaming about ur ajun sir in office,…too bad darling,…n u felt completely shattered hearing the divorce thing 4m nandhini,…so,u went silently 4m office without informing ur hubby 2 scream ur heart in private,…but my devil mehra knew his lady love’s every move,…u cant escape 4m his ceaseless drooling eyes dear,…he found u r missing n even came near ur table 2 check u n he called u but wat u did,…just cut his call,…cox u know he ll come home searching u na,…v all hear u n ur arjun sir’s dil ki baat sweat heart,….

    Friends,..actually as i said yday,arjun decided he wants radz but he never wants her 2 stay with him ly cox of sam as he dinn like his relationship with her been tied ly 4 the sam,….2day i felt arjun as a gentle man again,…even he madly loved her but he never wants radz 2 stay with him without any feelings 4 him 4m her side,…he wants her 2 live happily tats all,.. nothing more than else,…n he panicked tat his darkness ll ruin her light but never wanna leave her who s his ly manmarziya,…i discussed about arjun’s demeanor more than enough in last few epi, m stopping my arjun’s pov here,…

    radz,arjun came all worried 2 check u n u straightaway asked u want me 2 sign these papers sir,..actually arjun dinn ve any thots about it n u made things clear 4 him again,…so arjun expressed everything wat he feels,..he dinn want 2 ruin ur life in this revenge game as he guessed u r not in love with him,…n u r really appalled wen he said.’ u ll move on in ur life by breaking tis fake relation’ u denied the very fact n stated that u ve no ways 2 move on in ur life,….wen arjun questioned u how long u ll continue this,…u replied him till he leaves sam,… (again save sam mission,…here renu got irritated more than arjun )n 2day my arjun wants u 2 move on in ur life n he explained u wat he s thinking,…btw,i wanna appreciate u again that u guessed that this divorce s ly 4 nandhu,…u asked arjun its 4 u r 4 nandhu??? but my arjun ll never answer dear as u dinn answer him na,…(u both r emotionally,romantically synchronized couple r8,,its not a big deal 4 u both)

    u dont give divorce 2 ur arjun sir,..y radhika,..4 sam sir, renu shouting joot joot arjun dont believe her she s cheating herself by save sam mission again,…u r irritating my arjun baba more by taking sam btw u both,…then my arjun despo in knowing wats in ur mind as he knew ur lame excuse of sam as reason,…wats ur answer 4 his question,..I loved these qns 4m arjun,..its like a love arrow 4m arjun 2wards u darling,…

    1.y u married me radhika?
    2.y u r after me always?
    3.y u donnt want 2 give divorce 2 me?
    4.please tell me once,i ll leave everything 4 u,..come on radhika tell me,…

    here renu also shouting literally,..come on radz tell him tat u love him,..but all my shouts vent in vain,… u replied…there s no reason other than sam btw us sir,…oh really,.. i believed u girl,…
    then comes the powerful dialogue of this epi,….’i dinn have that status n dinn have such courage ,….’friends this dialogue speaks a lot about radz confession,…her 1st thing STATUS- she still considered herself s not worth 4 arjun as she s a behenji type middle class girl 4 him n 2nd thing COURAGE – she dinn ve courage 2 move closer 2 sam’s love arjun (she considered arjun as such)as sam’s words in her marriage ll never leave her 2 confess r move on in her life with arjun,….leaving my dejected arjun in vain n anger,…..btw,the last bj music suited 4 both the girl’s situation now,…n radz sleep on couch in hall as she has no courage 2 face her hubby like their SR n8 now,…hmmm she realized she s in love now,.. reminiscing all her lovable memories with her arjun sir,….

    Friends,….last but not least,…by 2day’s epi,….

    1.Arjun realized what he wants – Radhika yday
    2.Neil realized what he wants 2day
    3.Radhika realized wat she wants 2day,…

    but the very key point is in SAM’s hand n she s a speed breaker in all the other 3 lives,..her decision ll make every1 come out of this mess,…but she dinn realize anything,…quite interesting na,…tat’s y i love DYM more than any soap,…it doesnt look like a normal indian daily soap,…

    Please god save this show atleast 4 my sake,…n friends,….sorry 4 long essay,..i cant stop myself 4m writing yaar,…asusual dinn read wat i wrote,..please,bear with my mistakes any,…..

    • ♥«izzy~girl»♥
      August 23, 06:40

      tooo late i think.
      only miracle can save us.
      we’ll create fan fiction of this show

    • candy
      August 23, 18:02

      renu i read all your essay daily lol i enjoy that..and the idea is great of still writing down the possibilities even after the show ends..we could turn it into novel..and i suggest you to write it down pls..

    • chippy
      August 24, 01:10

      @renu its better that u write a novel on this so that the whole world let know manmarziyaan!
      hena… guys,…….

  12. sys
    August 22, 16:11 Reply

    Please please don’t air off this serial please .

  13. madhu
    August 22, 14:18 Reply

    This serial is just superb, every single moment is very heart touching. I will miss this show a lot, please still requesting don’t stop this serial.

    • ♥«izzy~girl»♥
      August 23, 06:39

      i dont think anything will stop them from doing that..
      hopefully they come back with season two of the same casts

  14. Shweta Thorat
    August 22, 13:53 Reply

    episode was nice but precap is superb and sam telling radhika that truth of her life . Can’t wait for next episode .

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