Manmarziyan 24th August 2015 Written Update

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Manmarziyan 24th August 2015 Written Update by Amena

Manmarziyan 24th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun recalling Radhika and their moments. He gets restless and recalls Nandini’s words. He comes out of the room and sees Radhika. Khwaishon pe likhi……….plays……….. He goes. Nandini sees Radhika crying and smiles. Its morning, Sam wakes up from sleep and asks Arjun to wake up. Neil asks who Arjun…. And smiles. She sees him and gets shocked. He says no Arjun, Neil…. I told you, you are in love with me….

Neil and Prerna have a talk. She sees him happy and asks did he say Sam. Neil says no, now Sam will tell me, you said if I see love in Sam’s eyes, I won’t move back, I did not see it yet, but I know I m in her heart, I have to get it to her tongue.

Arjun gets the divorce papers and looks for Radhika. Nandini says she has gone, did you take her signs? She says its my mistake, you are not ready for divorce. He says no, I will take her signs. She says you said this yesterday too, I know you love the most and can do anything for me, you acted love with Sam, but you are really in love with Radhika, don’t deny this, I know you can fight with whole world, how will you win over yourself, I can’t see you in this state, I free you from my revenge motive today, no need to leave Radhika because of me, I m ready to sacrifice my revenge for your love.

He says no need, I will prove how much your tears are valuable to me, Radhika will sign on these papers today. He leaves. Radhika comes to meet Sam. Sam sees her at door and asks her to leave. Radhika says I need to talk to you, its imp, why did you not go with Arjun on dinner. Sam says I had imp work. Radhika asks if there was no imp work, would you go on date with my husband. Sam says he was my fiancé before becoming your husband. They ask each other to leave Arjun. Sam says you cheated me. Radhika says even Arjun cheated you. Radhika says I can’t move from his life till you leave him.

They have a talk and cry. Arjun asks Radhika does Arjun love you. She sees Radhika crying and is about to hold her hand. She asks Radhika to leave him, why is she with him, it won’t help anyhow. She says just go away somewhere far and leave me and Arjun away. Radhika asks her does she still love Arjun. Sam recalls Neil’s words. She says I don’t know, I just know if you did not come between us, then I would have not known my heart truth ever. Radhika leaves.

Piyali asks the team about their idea. Neil says ideas will come and asks everyone about their ideas seeing the pen. He asks Arjun. Arjun says to start love. Neil asks Radhika whats her first thought. Radhika recalls Arjun’s words to sign the divorce papers, and says to shut some ways. Neil asks Sam. Sam says to sign resignation letter, one sign can change whole life. Neil says its very positive and smart life. Sam asks him to say. Neil says pen has just one thing, especially for girls, and tucks the pen by tying her hair. Piyali says that’s why I kept Neil’s resignation letter on side.

Samrat joins them and says he is giving a party today, to celebrate Arjun and Radhika’s marriage. Sam looks on stunned. Radhika comes to Arjun’s cabin. He says this is not your home to come in your boss’ room like this, get out. She goes out and knocks to take permission. He recalls Nandini’s words and asks Radhika to come.

Radhika says Samrat kept party to celebrate our marriage. He says whats use to celebrate if there is no happiness, you have one chance, sign on these papers and go far, you will stay happy. She asks will you go to Sam, do you have courage to love her truly. He asks will you sign on these papers if I truly love her. She says yes, I will move off your way then. She holds his hand and keeps on her head, asking him to say will he be able to love Sam truly, and return her trust, will he give love to Sam as much as Sam loves him. Dastaan………….plays………

She says say me once, I will move away. He takes his hand away and says I don’t have time for this, you did not see my badness. She says I have seen your goodness, and argues with him, saying she will not sign on these papers.

Nandini asks Radhika to wear this dress and come in party. Radhika thinks its Nandini’s plan and she won’t let plan work out.

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  1. dhar
    August 25, 09:50 Reply

    I like this serial very much but I am sad that this is going to end in this weak

  2. saji
    August 25, 03:09 Reply

    Manmarziya saral acting in thu mera hero serial.but unfortunately same negative character

  3. renu
    August 24, 19:24 Reply

    hiiiiii friends,…

    i dunno what 2 say,…2day epi s a rehearsal 4 a grand finale coming next,…so,mmz s ready 4 their march 2wards end,..2day all r crying out their heart in lonliness n here renu also literally crying cox of mmz funeral which s gonna set by sp on aug 29,…please some 1 save me 4m this addiction n m openly admitting the fact that m addicted 2 this show badly,..i learnt a lesson 4m mmz that i ll never watch any amazing serial like mmz in future 2 save myself 4m such heartbreaks,…

    k again stopping my bakwass,..coming 2 2day’s epi,…i like 2 parts,..sorry 3 parts, no 4 parts,…omg i liked all the parts yaar,..except bro-sis manipulating drama,…

    Friendship Re-entry:

    omg,…omg,,…omg,..thank u cvs 4 bringing back the waters hidden in my eyes 4 SAM-RADz friendship again n it reminded me their initial epi days where radz n sam’s cute friendship being portrayed beautifully,….i missed their hug n SAM’s kiss on radz cheek,…2day 4 the first time i saw sam’s friendship which s hidden in the deep of her heart built some courage 2 come outside like a new born bird coming out of its egg shell,….

    fianlly,radz wanna knew sam’s status 4 her arjun sir so that she can move forward by either accepting his love r leaving him completely,…she decided 2 get answer 4 her perplexed situation 4m already confused soul,…what a scene it s,,2day sam s not in a mood 2 slap radz who s standing right b4 her r humiliating her,…its k sam,v can understand u r dreaming neil with arjun’s name,..this s the fact sam,..u r loving neil n telling every1 that u loved arjun,…

    Friends,Sam’s dream speaks a lot about her confusion btw infatuation n love,…Right 4m beginning she loves neil but her infatuation,physical proximity n sweet manipulating words 4m arjun confused her n which she mistaken that confusion as a love,..2day,she realized 2 some extent that the confusion s with her understanding in love,…She loves neil in the name of arjun,,now ball s in her hand, may b 6 r wicket,…so,she should come out of htis mental trauma by this realization that she cant live without neil,…arjun s no person in her life,…she never loved him n arjun never did anything in favor 4 her 2 love him instead hurting her badly,…i think she tried using her lost brain 2 move on 4m 2day’s epi,…nice move cvs,…u clearly explained this simple fact by sam’s dream calling neil as arjun,…a big applause,..

    K now coming 2 my heart wrenching scene of attempting 2 mend the broken friendship of mmz girls,…oh chasni,2day ur enemy sam bcome ur friend after seeing ur cries darling,..even iron can b melted by ur tears,..its very powerful darling dont waste it but 2day ur weapon which always melt arjun baba now took a reverse turn n started its part time job in melting ur stone hearted friend SAM,..’please atleast bcom my friend 4 a few min’, renu cried hearing these words n started shouting that m here 4 u chasni as a bestie,..please come 2 me,…but wat 2 do,…i ve 2 face the reality,…k,..again ur weapon makes sam cry,…

    Friends….same dialogue sounds diff 4m diff mouth r8,….’was arjun loving u’,. radz no makes sam 2 cry n here this time it brings joyful tears in my eyes,…I loved this scene,..i dunno how 2 express but i watched this scene many times,…sam tried 2 console her friend,..she 4got her revenge 4 a min yaar n she even hide her tears n advised her bestie 2 leave arjun,…friends,…this s really a good advice 4 chasni 4m her bestie,…see,arjun dinn love her,..then wats there 2 live a loveless life with him n its better 2 leave him n lead a happy life without him acc 2 a friend’s pov,..on emphasizing myself in sam’s position,its no wonder i also suggest the same thing 2 radz,…hence i said,i loved this scene,….but her way of telling may confuse radz,….n final qn 4m radz,..still u love arjun,..friends,…i think radz s ready 2 leave arjun n she just wanna confirm that sam s no more over arjun,…but here sam’s answer makes sam clear n radz confused,…’dunno,but if u dinn come btw us,then i might never understand what my heart wants’


    i loved this pen concept yaar,..b4 going in2 it,…i loved my chocolate boy n loved 2 see the old jovial neil in march yaar,…btw 2day,the ly person who s not at ll confused n in a happy mood s my neil,…n 4got 2 say that i loved prema aunty’s re-entry,…i missed prema aunty too,….

    k,..Neil started the game 4m arjun,…

    ARjun-Beginning of love,…4 love letters,…betta,still u r in love n u cant think other than love,..oh my lover boy,..v know how much u love ur ladygirl sitting beside u,…

    Radz- ending some ways,….Divorce letter,…ur hubby s planning 2 write love letter n u r planning 2 end it by thinking about divorce letter,….wow,…how these 2 can always do r think contradictory but it sounds similar,…i really wonder how its possible yaar,…tat’s y i cant digest the fact that i gonna miss this couple after this week,…

    Sam – Resignation letter,..i expect this 4m sam n i felt if sam chooses neil over radz taunting dialogues,….then her heart starts moving in right path,…n my guess comes true,….

    Neil – u r dressing ur dream girl’s hair b4 all,…loved it man n friends,..arjun noticed sam’s nervousness n neil’s closeness,,he found sth s running btw them,…but asusual he ll not give any attention 2 it as his attention s already on his lady love,…

    Btw,…on the whole scene,..arjun s wooing glances at his wife,…nice na,..he s so much in love yaar,…he himself cant stop it man,…


    First Scene,…Arjun remembering his n his wife memories 4m his memory pocket,…n bcome restless seeing divorce paper on the bed,..(friends,..i think after signing that divorce paper,it ll bcome invalid in court due 2 its bad condition,..see how rugged it s yaar,,court may not consider 4 this very reason,…n m literally enjoying it in joy),,he came outside 2 ve a glance at his wife,…but finding her in hall again raised his heart beat,…Loved how radz sensed his presence n turned back 2 see him,…

    Now i ve some personal qns 2 arjun,..y arjun,y u cant see radz love yaar??? y u ve no doubt that without love how she can sense ur presence dear??? n y cant u find her teary eyes which s telling that she loves u???i knew answer 4 ur questions,…Her 1 dialogue,’I VE NO STATUS R NO COURAGE 2 DO SO’ yday makes u angry r8 n anger ll hide our eyes 2 see the truth b4 us,…
    So,this man s in full angry,that how can she say there s nothing btw them,…her words haunting him continuously,,friends,2day he was in full angry mood no pretending,…wen radz came inside his cabin he wanna hurt her n asked her 2 get out,…but it has least effect on RADZ arjun,..She faced many humiliations n now ur cold behavior ll not affect her darling,….so,again same dialogue,…IF U LOVE SAM 4 TRUE,ILL LEAVE U,….arjun beta how can u say that u love sam,..ur fakeness ll not stand b4 ur wife,…see,she came near u n took ur hand n asking promise 4m u 2 love sam,…promise karo arjun,u want 2 punish her 4 not loving u right,…but v know u cant do it but still watching her silently n sitting without uttering any words untill ur wife said that she ll leave u after this,..this very word raised ur temper n u started 2 fyt with ur wife,….see,ur wife understands u better than any1 in this world,..ur bad ll not win ur good, m confused the confession competition s btw u n ur wife r btw ur good n ur bad,…its k,..the last scene makes me 2 remember the car scene b4 lonovla trip,..the very diff s now u both r not touching each other,…btw u both r more comfort with each other,..if u dinn touch ur wife wen u both r alone,ur wife ll come near u n make u touch her,…hmmmm continue ur nok joks ,…n here m enjoying it except the thot of show gonna end soon,…

    N nandhu,…u r giving the small black dress 4 radz 2 wear in the party,…omg,…i think u also fallen in love with ardhika like us,…so,ur gutter mind thinks 2 play a cupid 4 our babies,…N ur dress looks horrible dear,…n 4got 2 say,b ready 4 heart break nandhu as samrat sir already digged a big hole 2 trap u,…

    I think wenever arjun baba s in love mood,..he ll b soft 2wards radz n ll not do anything like bedroom scene,balcony scene but wen he gets irritated r angry 2wards radz,he ll b more passionate with her like lift scene,…he cant control himself,…So,this party ll end with ardhika confession n nandhu’s truth revealing b4 all,,sad but wat 2 do,…cvs ve time constraints,…so,they cant show ardhika separation n reunion too,..,hate u sp,..go 2 hell,…

    Asusual dinn read wat i wrote,hope u never mind,…ve a nice day friends,…

    • hanisha
      August 25, 00:16

      very well explained renu….thanks for comments

  4. Riya
    August 24, 14:55 Reply

    Today ep just wow I’m happy for radhika.
    But I’m very sad because only 5 episode left….

    • tina
      August 24, 15:31

      only 5 episode left what do u mean by this drama going to end??

    • Riya
      August 25, 05:28

      Yes dr it’s going to off air …..

  5. ankitha
    August 24, 14:27 Reply

    even i liked radhu and sam conversation and the meeting in bird song

  6. ankitha
    August 24, 14:26 Reply

    today i loved neil alot than arjun.he is so confident abt sam..that is so adorable

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