Mastaangi 23rd May 2016 Written Update

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Mastaangi 23rd May 2016 Written Update by Sona

Mastaangi 23rd May 2016 Written Episode

Anaita cries and share her love for Karan and in past, her love for Kabir. Veer discuss with Ria their situation in the next life is even same. Ria is guilty because Udita loved Kabir. Anaita is annoying because of one sided love, he was sad she didn’t get her love in either lives.
Karan apologizes Anaita for both lives, he promise wherever she goes and needs a good friend, she will find him here. Anaita says life is only about moving on.
Jignesh and Sohani were fascinated about their love in both lives. Ria wonders what can be Anaita’s reason for being acrophobic (Fear of height), Karan and Anaita come out. Ria goes inside with them to compare their traits again. Euro peeks from the window.
Ria writes Ria, Udita, Karan, Kabir, Anaita, Anushka on a dusty glass. Euro takes its photograph. Ria says Udita took Kabir’s life, that is why Kabir ran from love and Ria has guilt. Anaita is annoying because she didn’t get love in both lives. Veer suggests may be Anaita’s acrophobia is related to Anushka somehow. Euro calls Ishaan to inform him about all this. Veer asks them to leave before dark but before that they need to look for hard disk that is the last evidence against Ishaan. They all search around the house. Anaita thinks for a while, then shows them a bag on the roof and says it’s there. Veer and Karan climb a wooden stair. They find the hard disk, Veer looks towards them victoriously. They all cheer.
Euro calls Ishaan to inform they are leaving. Ishaan asks him to follow them, he is just reaching. Ria spots Anushka’s photo with her mother and Kabir. Ria sensed some danger. Karan assures her nothing will be wrong. They all run out while Euro follows them. He tells Ishaan about their location. They all get in their car, Ishaan holds his gun while Euro follows them. Ishaan’s car trap theirs, he comes out and points a gun towards Veer asking him to come out. They watch Euro’s car lock theirs from behind, Veer wonders if Euro had been following them? Ishaan’s goons join them.
Veer hands the hard disk to Ria to keep it safe. He asks them to hold tight, and reverse the car and drives the car away. Ishaan and Euro were determined to follow them.

PRECAP: Ishaan’s goons inform them there is nothing in the car. Ishaan asks them to be alert, one of them is ex-army officer and three are intelligence agents. Euro questions how Ishaan knows about it. Ishaan tells him Anaita and Karan are Raw agents, and Ria is sister of ISI agent.

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