Mastaangi 2nd June 2016 Written Update

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Mastaangi 2nd June 2016 Written Update by Sona

Mastaangi 2nd June 2016 Written Episode

Ria says to Anaita that today a year ago I felt my heart beat normal for the first time on 1st June. The time when she walked next to Karan and the second time when they met in the hospital and her scarf got stuck in his neck and then we met on jigs and Sohani’s date, then we met on fresher’s party. At first I thought it was a coincidence but it wasn’t and you know that. Anaita says Yes you met a guy who made your heart normal. Ria says that lets celebrate just like Karan wants to by going on a date, Anaita asks on how that is possible with Karan’s current condition. Ria says that that there is nothing impossible in love. Anaita tells this to Jignesh who says to Sohani to take Anaita to a mental hospital. Anaita says that I did the same without yelling. He goes to Sohani and says that take me to the mental hospital, Sohani says that lets go. Anaita says that I don’t know about anything else but we went to the hospital three days ago and everyone has started to recognize us and Ria wants us to distract everyone with fire alarms.
Ria comes and says that this is exactly what I want and Jignesh mocks her and says that this is the best suicidal plan ever and couldn’t you find a better plan for us. Ria says that Karan loves nature and she has researched that it’s not good to put coma patients in closed environment. Jignesh says that you can see all of these in the hospitals window and Sohani also disagrees with Ria. Ria says that this will happen and she is doing this for Karan and tonight she will be with Karan. She comes to the hospital as a patient, while Anaita is looking at a photo of her saying that you think I will help you in such stupid plan but I won’t and you will abandon the plan and come home.
At the hospital Ria says that I wish you were here, I am missing you. She starts to move when a ward boy comes and helps her. Bhabi asks Veer about Karan’s brother and he says that he doesn’t know anything. Bhabi says that you were asking questions to me about him while Veer tells her to calm down and says that we will find out. Bhabi asks of who is we when Veer gets a call from the police who says that Euro has come to meet his father and he says that I am coming as well. Veer says to Bhabi that I have to go while she asks of who we means and where her husband is. Veer tells her to calm down and says that I will tell you everything and leaves.
Ria calls Bhabi standing next to the stairs, Bhabi says to her that what is your problem why don’t you leave me and Karan alone. Ria says that I know that you are very worried about Rajiv and are very stressed so let me help you, you look very stresses. Bhabi says that what do you mean looked stressed you must be around here. She turns around and but Ria just manages to get out of her site. Ria says that Bhabi has found out about me and I hope that Anatia was here. Anaita is standing in front of her and she gets up to hug her. Ria explains of what happened and Anaita tells her to relax.
Zubair asks Euro to come closer as he is his father, Euro says that you are not my father and I am not your son and I don’t know with whom I have spent my 20years with and this is our last meeting and do whatever you want after this I don’t care. He says that death is like freedom to you but have you thought of how I will feel everyone would call me the son of a terrorist. You didn’t think about that did you, you only think of yourself. Euro is about to leave when Zubair says that give me hug maybe you’ll regret your decision after my death. Veer says that he will hug him and Zubair will give him something that’s why he has planned all of this. Euro hugs him and Zubair apologizes and says that I have bowed your head with shame, I am so sorry I have given you a lot of pain forgive me if you can. He tells Euro to leave and Veer says that I don’t believe it that Zubair called his son for an apology and Veer asks to check Euro again.
Sohani is sitting eating ice cream when Jignesh comes and asks if she is Okay. Sohani says that she doesn’t fee; good and Jignesh asks her to go the hospital. Sohani says that If she is sick and Jignehs says that you are a problem called friends ship, you can’t feel good as long as Ria is in a problem. Sohani hugs him and says that you understand me very well and Jignesh says that I do but I don’t know to what will happen next. Sohani prays to god to help them and they leave. The policeman check Euro and he has nothing and they take him away.
Bhabi goes to the doctor and says that Ria is in the hospital so please call the police. The doctor says that we cant call the police for such small reasons and setting ballons in a patients room is not a crime. He leaves and the nurse tells Bhabi to wait as she goes and gives the patient a sponge bath. Anaita is standing close by and calls Ria saying that I am going inside, she bumps into a guy and Bhabi runs after her. She than calls Ria says that there is only the nurse in the room and hides in a closet. Ria says starts to walk when she is stopped by someone. She turns around and sees that it’s Sohani who says that you look very cute and Ria says that you weren’t going to come here. Sohani says that she didn’t feel right and after eating 15 ice creams I couldn’t leave you. She says that Jignesh is also here and waiting for our que and asks for the plan.
Anaita comes out and Bhabi catches her and says that where she is. Anaita says that Jignesh is in the canteen and Sohani will be with her. Bhabi says that don’t lie I know that Ria is in the premises of the hospital. Anaita says that Ria is not the hospital and asks where Veer is as he was the one who promised you to keep Ria away from her. Anaita says that you will answer all of these questions to the hospital admin when Anaita runs away. Sohani comes in the room with Ria and go to the washroom, Sohani says to the nurse that Ria has fell and she comes to help and they lock her inside. She says that are you the patients girlfriend Ria and Ria asks of how she knows. Sohani says that you are the only one who does things like these and now even the nurse knows. Ria says that Anaita is keeping Bhabi busy and I have locked the nurse I feel very bad. Sohani says that where I Jignesh and he comes saying that I am here. Ria gives her clothes saying that get Karan ready for the date.

Precap: Bhabi says to Anaita that you will answer everything the management now and Anatia says that don’t get late this time. Everyone gets Karan out of the room and when Bhabi reaches the room Karan is not there. Outside she runs after the car and says that this time you have crossed the limit Ria.

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