Mere Angne Mein 20th September 2016 Written Update

Mere Angne Mein 20th September 2016 Written Update by Amena

Mere Angne Mein 20th September 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shanti telling Kaushalya that her children will ruin everything. Riya talks to inspector about freeing Shivam. He says I m fed up of arresting Shivam, this time I will not let him free so soon, I will leave him after one night. Riya says I guarantee, Shivam will be just at home and won’t do anything, else you arrest me along with him. Inspector leaves Shivam on Riya’s assurance. Shivam and Riya leave. Raghav gives 25000rs to Shanti. She says we can lose the house. Raghav says auctioning won’t happen. Raghav gets call about his case hearing tomorrow at Allahabad. Raghav asks tomorrow, can it get postponed. The man says you have to come in hearing in order to save job, else sit at home forever. Raghav tells Shanti that he has to leave for Allahabad for hearing. Shanti
says you go, I will manage here. He says I have to be here to arrange money. She says I will arrange money, you save your job, then we can pay. They think what to do.

Sarla comes crying. Nimmi thinks why did Sarla start her drama now. Sarla says I m ruined, I thought you need money. Shanti says yes, we have to pay money tomorrow. Sarla says I was getting money, some thieves have looted the money. Nimmi thinks Bua makes stories and does great acting.

Riya asks Shivam shall we ask help from Papa. He says no need, I don’t want to. She says this is our life and our problem, we will solve this. He says I don’t want to take your Papa’s help, its my problem, I will solve it.

Sarla says I sold my jewelry and arranged money, its all gone, you arrange money by selling jewelry. Nimmi asks Sarla why does this always happen with her. Sarla asks her am I lying. Raghav scolds Nimmi and asks her why is she blaming Sarla, did she arrange money till now. Kaushalya says the tax officer came and said he will auction house tomorrow. Shanti scolds Sarla for beating the tax officer and now this is happening. Sarla says I told you a man has stolen the money outside the office, I argued with tax officer, then I went to take agent Sharma’s help, Riya exposed corruption, what was the need.

Riya and Shivam come home. Raghav asks Shivam why did he not do govt. job, I told you to do govt. job for this day. Shanti says all children did not get a rupee. Raghav says I don’t know what to do. Shanti says you go to Allahabad. Sarla asks them to sell jewelry. Riya says yes, I will get my jewelry. Sarla says I will sell it. Shanti says no need, I will call jeweler at home, else it can get stolen outside. Riya goes to get jewelry.
Amit and Rani reach Nirmala’s house. Rani says this is very dirty. Amit asks her to clean the house. She asks how will I work alone, I m scared. He says no one can do anything to you, clean the house, we can lose quarter anytime, it would be better if we bought Shanti Sadan. He says Sarla does not give any money. She tells him to steal the money from Sarla, its your money, Rani Sadan will look good. Amit says don’t dream, I will get Amit sadan written.

Raghav gets ready. Kaushalya says I wish not to let you go, but I feel you can get your job back. He says yes, this is the problem, we have to get money to save house, I need to save job. She asks him to worry for job, and not worry for house. He says we did not do much sins in life that we lose our house, trust Lord, I won’t let house auctioned. She says fine, even our children will get work soon.

A man comes and tells Rani and Amit that this is his house. Amit and Rani argue. The man says I will call police. Amit says this is our house. Rani asks when did you buy this house. The man says Nirmala has sold this house to me two months ago. He calls police station. Amit stops him and says that woman fooled us and sold us house. The man asks did you lose lakhs. Rani says no, I lost my Sasur ji, my mum in law sold my father in law. The man says I don’t have to get in this matter, I have property papers and won’t give. Amit asks him to give papers. The man says I will just give copy, not original. Rani says I thought Nirmala is simple. Amit says its time to make Shanti Sadan as Amit Sadan. Raghav tells Shanti that he will come soon. Shanti asks him to get job, its necessary. Kaushalya makes him gave curd sugar. Raghav says I will call you, and goes. Riya gets her jewelry. Sarla thinks I saved my jewelry by acting, I don’t care if they sell their jewelry.

Shanti calls jeweler and asks him to come home, I have to keep jewelry mortgaged. He says sorry, I can’t come, its jeweler’s strike. She says I m asking you to come home, not open shop. He says wait for 2-3 days. She says I can’t wait even for a moment.

Shivam calls his friend and says I was thinking to sell my bullet, will you buy it, I want money today itself, approx 70000rs, what 25000rs is very less. He ends call. Shanti asks Kaushalya, Nimmi and Riya to leave her alone for some time. She goes to room and cries talking to her husband’s pic. She asks her husband to save Shanti Sadan from auction. They cry seeing Shanti crying.

Shanti says I can’t sleep peacefully if I sell/mortgage bahu-daughters’ jewelry, take this house papers of Shanti Sadan.

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