Mere Angne Mein 25th December 2015 Written Update

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Mere Angne Mein 25th December 2015 Written Update by Amena

Mere Angne Mein 25th December 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kaushalya crying. She says Riya you should have asked me once before giving those clothes. That was Shivam’s clothes and I wanted his child to wear it. Riya says sorry, I did not know it. Shanti says Riya is of new generation, don’t know she wants child soon or not. Riya says Dadi told me… Dadi says now put the mistake on my head. Riya says no, I m saying all clothes were together, give me NGO number, I will get clothes back. Kaushalya says its gone now, no need to take donated clothes back.

Kaushalya cries. Riya apologizes to Kaushalya and Shanti. She says I try to make things my way, but don’t know why I make mistakes. Kaushalya says its easy thing, do what Shanti says. Riya says I promise I will do it whats good for my family. Preeti says I have to buy few things, shall I go to market. Shanti asks what. Preeti says I wanted to buy book on doing makeup. Shanti asks her to go and come soon. Riya says I will also leave for office and falls down. She gets hurt. Kaushalya helps her sit and cares for her. She goes to get water. Shanti asks Riya to hear radio. Riya drinks water. Shanti asks Kaushalya to call Raju to repair radio.

Shanti asks Riya will she take leave from office. Riya says I will go in sometime. Preeti goes to meet Mohit. Raju repairs the radio and asks for 100rs. Shanti laughs and gives 20rs. Mohit starts his show. Shanti hears him. Shivam is at the tea stall and listens radio. Mohit plays a special song for his love. Raghav and his friend are at canteen. Raghav talks to his friend about a guy for Preeti.

The lady stops Preeti from meeting Mohit, as his show is going on. Preeti says its very imp, and goes to Mohit. Mohit signs 2 mins and and tells everyone that he will just have tea. Preeti puts her and the switch on to transmit. Preeti says I m senior guard Raghav Srivastav’s daughter, I lied to him because of him. Raghav, Shanti, Shivam, and even Prabha hear radio.

Preeti tells Mohit to understand her helplessness. Ashok is at his stall and says this is Preeti and listens. Mohit says my show is going on, I will talk. Preeti says just tell me you will not marry me. Kaushalya and Riya get shocked too. Preeti asks Mohit to understand, she loves him and can’t stay without him. Nandu comes home and hears all this. Shivam fumes. Raghav gets embarrassed infront of his friend. Mohit asks Preeti to relax. Preeti says we are simple people, everyone respect my father, if he knows you are staying in our home as Chunnilal, he will not bear this. Shanti and everyone get shocked. A man tries to sign Mohit to stop, their conversation is on air. Mohit says fine, I will tell your family that we love each other and that’s why I did this acting. Raghav excuses himself. His friend says I thought Raghav’s children will be good valued like him, but children are writing their own story that too infront of the world. Prabha calls Bindu to tell this.

Preeti leaves and Mohit runs after her. Preeti thinks what to do now. Mohit asks her to stop. He thinks he has to tell truth to her family, before they know from someone else. He asks Preeti what is she doing, they will go home now and tell truth. She says I don’t want to, you know we have just one day time, how will everyone react. Mohit asks her to trust him, he loves her and will not leave her, promise I will manage, its our family, they will scold, annoy but then agree, don’t cry. Kaushalya cries and Shanti shows the radio to her, in shock. Shanti breaks the radio in anger and cries.

Shanti shouts Preeti ruined our respect and hits her head. Riya says Dadi ji… Shanti says my mind is fuming, stay away and pushes her. Riya thinks what did this happen, why did I not tell the truth yesterday. Nandu thinks he did not know Preeti is such. Mohit and Preeti are on the way, people stare at them. Mohit says why is everyone staring us. She says you are RJ Mohit, that’s why.

Sarla is worried as Shanti ended ties with her, Rani is burden on her. Rani gets irritated hearing her complains and serves her food. Prabha comes there and plays drum. Sarla asks whats the matter. Prabha tells her about Preeti, did she not listen radio today. Sarla asks did she come from mental asylum. Prabha says Preeti is saying her love story, Moghal Sarai heard it, Preeti said she loves RJ Mohit, that guy was staying in Shanti Sadan by fake name and had love story infront of your mum, Sarla and Pari are also such, and now Preeti. Sarla is shocked. Prabha says Preeti is such shameless. Sarla laughs. Prabha asks Rani to call doctor, Sarla has gone mad. Sarla says shut up, I did not get mad, I m happy, see Shanti’s nose got cut, she ended ties with me, now I have to go to wipe her tears. I will see what she does with Preeti. Prabha says its Kalyug, Sarla is happy, go and see, many people are there to see this matter. Sarla sees ladies gossiping,

The neighbors come to Shanti Sadan and ask about Preeti. Kaushalya cries. Riya and Nandu stop the neighbors. Shanti brings water and puts on them. She scolds them and asks them to leave. The neighbors taunt them, that one guy is taking Preeti and this Nandu will take Nimmi. Riya and Nandu shut the door. Shanti blames Riya for this. Kaushalya hits her head to pillar. Riya stops her.

Shanti scolds Kaushalya. Nandu and Riya hold Kaushalya. Shanti says Riya is the root for all this. Riya gets stunned. Nandu stops neighbors. Shivam and Raghav come home. Shivam asks them to go, and people taunt him for Preeti’s love affair. Shivam and Raghav see Shanti and Kaushalya crying. Raghav cries being ashamed. Preeti says I m thinking how will mum and dad react. He says everyone will agree. He teases her. They say I love you to each other. She says mum will like you, but dad does what Dadi says. He asks her not to worry, he is with her, everything will be fine. She says I will go from here, you come after me, don’t say we love each other, tell them that you want to marry me. She gets down the rickshaw and asks him to go home. She gets Kaushalya’s call and says I m at my friend’s home, I m coming.

Sarla calls Pari and tells about Preeti’s love story on radio. Pari says Preeti is very fast. Sarla says yes, she used to stammer and now said her love story on radio, that guy is RJ, you come there and see. Pari says I will come. She ends call and says how can Preeti get richer guy than me, I will go and see who is this guy, I will trap him.

Shanti blames Riya for all this. Riya taught Preeti to have love affair. Shivam looks on angry. Pari gets ready to leave. Mohit and Preeti come home and see neighbors gossiping about them. They come inside home and see everyone angry. Preeti asks what happened Maa. Kaushalya and everyone stare at her. Kaushalya slaps her. Preeti falls down. Mohit holds her. Shivam asks him how did he touch Preeti and beats him. Preeti asks Shivam to stop and cries. Shivam beats him more. Preeti asks Shanti to stop Mohit, its not his mistake. Shanti says he lied to us to stay here and fooled us of sleepwalking to meet you, did you not get ashamed. Shanti asks Riya why were you scolding Preeti that day, you knew this.

Sarla comes there and cries asking Shanti what did this happen. Kaushalya asks Raghav to stop Shivam. Raghav gets up and stops Shivam. He slaps Shivam. Shivam says I will kill both of them. Raghav asks will you go jail then. He asks Nandu to throw Mohit’s bags out. Riya sends Preeti to room. Shivam locks Preeti in room. Riya tears her dupatta to tie to Shivam’s hand. Shanti asks Riya to be away from Shivam. Raghav asks Riya and Shivam to go to room. Shanti says Riya won’t go and blames her. Kaushalya cries and says this house got bad sight. Shanti says its modern thing, girls have seen Shivam having affair, so she did the same. Raghav says its not Riya’s mistake, its our mistake, we did not give good values to Preeti, its Preeti’s mistake, we failed.

Shanti says don’t take other mistakes on your head. Sarla says Raghav is right, Kaushalya gave freedom to girls, Preeti did right, think what will Nimmi do. Pari comes and asks whats happening. Nani did my marriage, and what did Preeti do, what will I say to my inlaws. Rani says everything will be fine, I will talk to Preeti. Sarla asks Rani to go. Shanti asks Sarla to leave, what did she think she will break by any issue, she does not need strangers. She says just go, else I will kick Sarla out. Rani says atleast share sorrow with me. Pari says I can come inside as well. She asks where is Preeti and goes to her. She scolds Preeti. Raghav asks Pari to be quiet and go to her inlaws. Sarla asks why are you telling Pari, she has come to help her sister here, but here no one respects us, Pari come to me. Pari cries and they do drama. Shanti gets a call and says no one has run from our house. Preeti cries. Raghav sits angrily.

Shanti tells Riya that she will send her out of this house and promises her. Riya challenges her that Shanti can’t make her leave, I will stay here in Mere Angne Mein.

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    AND don’t tell me they will Now marry her off to Nandu…UGH!

  2. CC
    December 25, 18:04 Reply

    Tell them all…neighbors and all…to mind their own business…they have nothing to be ashamed of Preeti did nothing wrong. Backwards thinking..

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