Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th February 2016 Written Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th February 2016 Written Update by Sona

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th February 2016 Written Episode

Next morning, Ishaani wakes up and couldn’t find Ranveer there. She sits up happy. Naina sat there on a chair, Ishaani tries to explain him. Naina asks Ishaani if she is looking for Ranveer, she says she has seen everything.
Maa comes to Nurbhay who gets up from his chair to take her blessings. Maa backs up. She asks what this all his happening, Naina’s marriage is near and he again locked Ishaani in the room. She wants Ishaani to remain everywhere, in all the rituals. She says she doesn’t want Ranveer to get an idea that his ex-wife is unhappy here. Maa asks him to go and get Ishaani out of that room.
There Naina says to Ishaani that she must tell Nurbhay. Ishaani pleads her not to tell anyone, especially Nurbhay. Naina jerks her hand away and says she must tell Nurbhay, she can’t marry someone who spends night with his ex-wife even after getting his marriage fixed. Nurbhay asks who opened the door, and comes in to find Ishaani and Naina. Nurbhay asks what is happening here. Ishaani comes to him, but Naina holds her back. Naina says that Ishaani is her well-wisher though she is his ex-wife, she says she will never come between Ranveer and her. Nurbhay tells Ishaani to do as Naina wants. He warns Ishaani that if she doesn’t cooperate, he won’t say anything to anyone but will kill Ranveer.
Ranveer gets up in the morning. He had a head ache. Pratik comes and asks him if he found something. Ranveer says he doesn’t remember anything from yesterday, he recalls that he went to Nurbhay’s house as a servant. He was sent with a plate and he doesn’t remember anything other than this.
There Ishaani apologizes Naina. Naina says she didn’t understand what to do in front of Nurbhay, but she is really confused. Ishaani tells Naina that Ranveer had a fatal ailment, only Nurbhay has the medicine for it but he kept a condition that Ishaani will get away from him. Ishaani says that we both love Ranveer, but only one will get Ranveer. She says she will never come between them, but Naina must not tell anything to Nurbhay and keep it a secret else he won’t leave Ranveer. Naina leaves. Ishaani finds Ranveer’s watch.
In the room, Ranveer thinks what happened last night. He recalls the address of the room, then going through the corridor, watching the clock.
Ishaani looks at the clock, remembers the last night. She cries and says she is unlucky that she got the best of her life.
Ranveer wonders what happened, there was something that is very different. He has never felt so before. His own shadow tells him that he was with Ishaani last night. Ranveer says he has been with Ishaani since childhood. He thinks if he was with Ishaani she would be able to answer his questions. His shadow tells him to go to Ishaani and ask her.
Ishaani watches her shadow who asks why is she crying. Ishaani says she did a mistake. Her shadow tells her to think it as God’s will, isn’t she happy with what happened last night. Doesn’t she want everyone night of hers as last night. She asks Ishaani if she loves Ranveer, Ishaani says more than herself. She asks if she trusts his love. Ishaani says more than anything. Ishaani says Ranveer and she have joined today, it doesn’t matter who he is marrying because a love relation if stronger than anything. If they get united, no one would be able to wrong them. Ranveer thinks that only Ishaani can answer his questions.

PRECAP: Ishaani and Ranveer hug each other. Nurbhay points a gun at them, they are worried. He fires at Ranveer.

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