Million Dollar Girl 18th June 2015 Written Update

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Million Dollar Girl 18th June 2015 Written Update by Ansari

Million Dollar Girl 18th June 2015 Written Episode

Ranvijay asks what happened???Kavya tells that she said all about Ranvijay to her mother..Ranvijay gets happy and hugs Kavya..Kavya tells that Ranvijay have to meet her mother,,Ranvijay tells that Kavya must be joking..Kavya tells she is serious..Ranvijay tells he will meet…Kavya gets happy…Virat comes and listens Zubair telling someone of selling DESISWAG..Zubair asks should he go home???Zubair tells daily Virat wont take permission..Zubair tells to get out..Bhuwan comes and asks DJ how is she???DJ sneeze..Bhuwan tells that he is also feeling better seeing her…Bhuwan hugs DJ..Vicky suddenly runs and comes inside..Vicky tells that they will drink at ghat..DJ and Bhuwan agrees…Vicky goes…Bhuwan tells that something is wrong…Rajat and his father had lunch..Rajat tells Virat to come and sit..Virat comes but Rajat’s father turns the plate..Virat angrily goes…Rajat sees angrily to his father..Father tells to lower the gaze as it is a sign Of revolt..Rajat tells he dont want to eat..Rajat goes..Father tells that he eat alone only…Rajat comes and sits near Virat and tells lets eat somewhere outside..Virat tells he is not hungry..Rajat tells not to refuse big brother..Rajat tells come..Virat smiles …Rajat and Virat goes…Kavya tells How to agree her mother that Ranvijay is a good guy..Kavya locks the room..
Mother knocks the room and tells Kavya to open the door…Mother comes and sees and asks why Kavya took so much time to open the door??Kavya tells thats she was sleeping and taught mother was knocking in dream..Mother tells Kavya to sleep and lock the door properly..Mother goes…Ranvijay laughs…Kavya tells today mother would have caught,,,Ranvijay tells this is fun..DJ and Vicky drinks at ghat…Vicky tells that this is a plan to get out Bhuwan..Vicky thinks how he mixed sleeping pills in Bhuwan’s water..Bhuwan drinks and fallen asleep..Vicky gets drunk and tells that its very bad that Bhuwan ditch DJ..Vicky tells DJ that Bhuwan does not love DJ..DJ tells its nothing like that..Vicky tries to kiss DJ..But DJ sleeps..Mother cries..Kavya asks what happened??Mother tells that Avanti is still in Coma will get up or not..Kavya tells that Avanti will soon alright and even Virat called a doctor from US..Mother smiles and asks what doctor said???Kavya tells that that Avanti will be soon alright..Mother tells after Avanti is alright Kavya will get married..Kavya tells Mother not to think like that…
Ranvijay comes and talks with Kavya…Manager comes..Ranvijay tells that he is son of automobile Company….And he wanted to take a loan..So his father wanted to meet Kavya..Manager tells Kavya can go..Manager goes…Ranvijay and Kavya get happy…Another-side Zubair talks with Investor..Virat comes and asks who is this..Zubair tells its Investor..Investor asks If Virat is employee..Virat tells zubair that he is not a employee He has shares…Zubair tells that Company belongs to him and he will call Investor’s..Virat and Zubair sees angrily..

Precap::Vicky tells DJ he uploaded her music video..

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