Million Dollar Girl 24th June 2015 Written Update

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Million Dollar Girl 24th June 2015 Written Update by Ansari

Million Dollar Girl 24th June 2015 Written Episode

DJ thinks about Bhuwan and Vicky..DJ thinks How Bhuwan is and how Vicky helped her..Dj thinks about the moments spent with Vicky and DJ..DJ smiles and thanks Avanti..DJ tells she have decided to choose whom..DJ thanks Avanti…Bhuwan waits at office..Virat comes and asks Bhuwan what happened??Bhuwan tells that Zubair is not picking up the phone..Virat tells that Zubair ran..Rajat shows newspaper..Virat sees “DESI SWAG SELL”
Bhuwan and Virat comes…Zubair tells “WELCOME FOOL”…Zubair tells when Virat and Avanti were busy in fight they forget to check whether this was their in documents or not…Virat beats Zubair,,,Zubai tells he will sent Virat to police..Bhuwan tells Virat lets go ad its of no use…Virat tells that he will kill Zubair and go jail He dont care..Virat and Bhuwan goes,,,Bhuwan meets DJ..Bhuwan asks DJ what happened??DJ tells she was thinking the moments spent..DJ tells that Bhuwan is very good and he even always with her…DJ tells that she dont love Bhuwan..Bhuwan is shocked..DJ tells that they everytime fight and talk about breakup..DJ tells she realized that she dont love Bhuwan..DJ tells she love some-one else…Bhuwan ask whom DJ loved??DJ tells she love Vicky…Bhuwan tells Vicky dont love anyone..Bhuwan tells How dare Vicky…Bhuwan runs…DJ tells Bhuwan to stop..Bhuwan goes at dhaaba and angrily shouts “VICKY”…Bhuwan tells that he dont know that Vicky would have done like this..Vicky tells he love DJ more and taken care of her soo much and Even thought about her happiness… Bhuwan tells he took more care of DJ and loved..Bhuwan tells DJ not to trust Vicky as there was a challenge between them…That who will Impress DJ more…DJ cries..
Bhuwan tells that Vicky first loved Kavya and now DJ…Bhuwan tells that love is a small thing for Vicky..As it has changed ..DJ asks Vicky did really did this???Vicky tells yes because he love DJ…..DJ cries goes..Virat comes at office..Zubair reads novel…Virat raise gun against Zubair…Virat tells Zubair to sign the paper’s of Company…Zubair laughs and tells that he known Virat will do like this..Soo they are CCTV camera’s in every room..Virat even shows the gun..Zubair tells Virat to be a good boy and give the gun..Zubair tells that he known Virat will not do like this..Virat tells according to law if Zubair die then maximum shares will go to him and Avanti…Zubair tells Virat cannot do this,,,Zubair slowly goes near Virat and pulls the gun..Gun and Virat falls..Zubair attacks Virat,,,,Zubair and Virat pushes each other..Virat holds Zubair..Zubair tries to take Gun..Virat pushes Zubair and takes the gun..Virat tells Zubair to sign the paper otherwise he wil shoot..Zubair tells okay..Zubair sign the paper’s..Virat takes the paper’s and tells Zubair to run away from Banaras As his company DESI SWAG will be run by the employes…Zubair tells that Virat did all this for a fraud girl,,who is stupid middle class girl and even her family is third class..Virat turns and shouts “ZUBAIR”…Virat shoots Zubair,,,Zubair shouts..Virat tells its a toy gun..As he will not kill Zubair soo easily…Virat goes…Zubair tells that Virat have to pay for this…Zubair goes in Avanti’s room..Zubair says that Virat all did for Avanti Soo Avanti will not be alive…Zubair removes Avanti’s oxygen mask and put pillow and press…Virat comes…Virat tells that he thought Zubair may be innovative…Virat tells Avanti that DESI SWAG is of Her….

Precap::Doctor tells that Avanti cannot come out of Coma…

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