Nandini to end up being Manik’s servant in MTV’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

MTV and BBC Worldwide Productions latest offering Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan is all set to witness an entertaining drama with Nandini (Niti Taylor) and Manik (Parth Samthaan) having a tiff.

As seen so far, Nandini has joined the musical college simply to save some money for her brother’s operation but her stay in college hasn’t been an easy one.
In the upcoming episodes Manik and his friends will rag Nandini. In fact, in what would seem to be a game for them will end up breaking Nandini’s most precious thing.
Wondering what it would be?

It will be her father’s pen. As shown earlier, Nandini’s father was a scientist who died in a car accident. And that pen meant a world to her hence; Nandini will end up slapping Manik.

Given the fact that Manik is a senior in college he wouldn’t let go off the incident.

Thus, he will plan a party wherein he will intend to insult Nandini. But the story will reach a highpoint when Nandini will get drunk and start breaking things in Manik’s house. She will also end up breaking an extremely expensive art piece that will belong to Manik’s parents.

So, what will happen next?

Manik will ask her to pay in cash for the art piece or be her spot girl for the rest of the year. Since, Nandini will fail to pay the money she will agree on being his spot girl/ servant. Thus, she will be seen getting him water, tea and cleaning his car.

What drama!!!

We couldn’t get through to Niti Taylor.

Keep reading this space for more updates.

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  1. devika
    August 15, 11:36 Reply

    I love the pair manik nandini & waiting for the circumstances that made them fall for eachother

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