Parvarrish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 1st August 2012 Written Update

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Parvarrish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 1st August 2012 Written Update by Ridzzi

Episode begins with, Rocky riding the cycle in full speed. Gokul tells him that Ginny fell off her cycle. Rocky stops and turns back in search of Ginny. Ginny is shouting for help. Rocky hears her and see’s her fallen on the ground. Since it was a slope, Rocky couldn’t go down, so he asks Ginny to try her best, She tries once but again slips down, 2nd time, she catches Rocky’s hand and is up and ready to go. Rocky encourages Ginny and tells her to get on and go! On the other hand, Lucky-Sweety are blank as they cannot see where Rocky and Ginny are.

Ginny-Rocky begin their chase, Rocky is now seen on TV and the commentator says that, we are now able to see Rocky Ahuwalia, who was first is now really behind. Sweety-Lucky are confused as to what happened. Rocky comes 6th in the boys section race, he is disheartened.

Ginny rides as fast as she could, she puts in a lot of efforts and finally catches up with the other girls, Ginny rides her cycle sensibly and races all the 4 girls who were ahead of her and she completes the race as a ‘Winner’ Sweety-Lucky are not able to recognize Ginny as she was full of mud. But when its announced, they see Ginny and Run towards her. Rocky too is happy. All hug her. She too is really excited.

Ginny is speaking to Raashi and tells how Rocky helped her and she increased her cycle speed and successfully won the race. Rocky is telling his friend that he is very happy that Ginny won. Though, if i wouldn’t have helped her she wouldn’t win. And na, if u see if she wouldn’t fall in trouble and i wouldn’t help her i would have easily won. Ginny hears this and is hurt. Ginny tells that she was proud of having him as her brother, but what u said made me feel sad. She asks him, do u mean i didn’t do anything? Rocky tells, u did little but… hmm, i have most of the part in it. Ginny has tears she tells that much time wasn’t wasted, she leaves from there. Rocky feels as if he is not at any fault.

Ginny asks Sweety whether it is because of her that Rocky didn’t win? Sweety tells, yes, somewhat, but how come u won? how much effort u put in, if such would be done by him, he also could have won. Sweety asks her to go to sleep as they have to go for Rakshabandhan tomorrow to Papaji’s house, Ginny is still feeling guilty. Ginny is speaking to Raashi and is crying. Raashi asks her to keep her cool, she said that she’ll share it with Raavi and they will deal with him tomorrow, so that he feels bad and guilty.

Next Day, Raavi-Raashi-Ginny plan to do something with Rocky. Pinky and Sweety are preparing Aarthi thali for Lovely. Pinky-Sweety are talking about the gifts they’ve demanded. Jeet tells, this is not right… Lucky asks him to keep quite. Sweety begins saying, whats not right, he has to do it for us, he is our brother after all, we expect loads from him. Lucky looks at Jeet.

Sweety-Pinky realize that the girls haven’t brought any gift for Rocky, they feel the girls have left it at home, but Pinky feels that there’s something suspicious as all 3 girls cannot forget together right? Sweety tells her to forget about all this and get ready for the aarthi.

Lovely comes there, Sweety does his aarthi and puts Rakhi, Pinky does the same. Pinky asks for the gift, but Sweety tells that lets take it later after the girls put their Rakhi’s for Rocky-Sunny. Rocky and Sunny are ready for the same. All 3 girls are there, Raavi tells, mom we have boycotted Rocky. Raashi tells, we have decided not to tie Rakhi for Rocky bhaiyaa, Ginny thinks about Rocky’s hurtful words. Rocky is shocked by their words. Episode Ends.

Precap: Rocky playing the guitar on the song “Ek Hazaron mein meri Bhena hai” He’s singing it for Ginny.

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