Piya Rangrezz 30th June 2015 Written Update

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Piya Rangrezz 30th June 2015 Written Update by MA

Piya Rangrezz 30th June 2015 Written Episode

Sher reaches his godown with Rani and other partners. They are all surprised to see whole godown empty and Shraddha doing pooja there. Rani blabbers her usual witty dialogues. Sunehri asks her to remove shoes and enter pooja venue. Pandey asks who does pooja in godown. She says god resides in each atom of life and asks Sher/Thakur saheb what is happening. He says these sinners came to know about thakurayan/Shraddha’s pooja and came for prasad. Shraddha finishes pooja and serves him aarti and prasad. He says shraddha/belief can prove anything.

Rani’s goons search whole house and don’t find any liquor box as Sumer and Vikas silently slip off. Rani asks his men to call someone. They bring sher’s goon and he says he kept liquor boxes here. Sher says when he can betray him for money, why will not he betray them. Pandey insists him. He says Shraddha must have slipped off liquor boxes from here. Sher says he will kill him if he takes Shraddha’s name. Rani fumes and points gun on Shraddha. Sher slaps her and she falls on floor. He points gun on her and all her men point guns on him. Pandey says he is on death bed and is still so confident of himself. Sher says he was testing this fool girl Rani who is trusting this joker Pandey.

Pandey points gun on Sher. Bhavri enters with gun and points on Pandey. She says they entered her house seeing her injured, but don’t know she is still a tigress and will gulp them all. She tells Rani that she boasts herself as tigress but she is lower than a goose. Sher asks them all to get out now. Bhavri says if they stay she will shoot them all and will not spend on their burial as they are not her son’s partners now. They all walk out.

Shraddha touches Bhavri’s feet and she hestitantly blesses her sad suhagan raho. Once she leaves, Shraddha smiles looking at Sunehri and Gajra.

Bhavri sits in her room fuming. Sher gives her water and asks if she is fine. He told her not to come as he will handle everything. She says she saw how he was handling. She says Shraddha saved his lie and he must have forgiven her. He says he will call ambulance and send her back to hospital. She says she will not go. He says he will call doc here itself. She says he learnt business but is shying away from his amma’s questions. He says Shraddha burdened him with her help for life. He walks out and sees Shraddha standing and looking at him with eager eyes and leaves from there.

Shraddha takes tea for Bhavri. Bhavri says she tried to attack Sher with her lover Virat and now she is acting as saving him. Shraddha says she has mistaken her. Bhavri says she cannot convince Sher and not ever to try. She throws tea on floor and says she is back home and will keep an eye on her. Shraddha tries to speak, but Bhavri stops her and sends out asking to close door and leave. Shraddha does same and walks out.

Shraddha in her room fixes her mangasultra beads and prays god. Sher sees her and stops. She shows him mangalsutra.

Precap: During party, man praises Shraddha and Sher’s jodi as Ram and Sita. Bhavri fumes hearing that.

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