Sajda Tere Pyaar Mein 14th June 2012 Written Update

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Sajda Tere Pyaar Mein 14th June 2012 Written Update by shobrakapooor

The epi strtes with dat punjabi old man [dunno his name] saying Aaliya has done a gud job she didnt do her work badly. Ranveer says sadly dat Mp has proposed Aaliya nd nw she cant work 4 us!! d stupid old man becomes hppy nd said ”iss se acha koi nahi ho sakhtha” Ranveer shocked. [sajda music : tera sajda ve…] OM says nw Aaliya will be there with mp for 24×7 so she can collect more info. it’ll be a progress 4 d mission. he keeps on blabbering but Ranveer doesnt listen. his minds goes twrds Aaliya [candle scene] thn he looks at d flag thn becomes bold. Old Man says u’ll have to make aaliya agree.

Scene shifts to Aaliya thinking abt Mallika’s words [dreams ranveer says dat day i will… thn video game scene, he caring for her, chain scene! thn mp killing him [dream]]
Next scene daijaan says aaliya is in london to nafeesa suddenly dat one girl who went to london mom comes nd says Aaliya is nt there in d university, her daughter has enquired. Nafeesa shocked!
Ranveer calls Aaliya nd says come to delhi. she asks y he says to come urgently!

She reaches d spot. D Om praises her saying when ranveer showed me ur photos i didnt believe u could do this mission but u did it well! Aaliya looks at ranveer. he praises her alot thn says we need u again 4 d mission nd says to marry MP! Aaliya shocked. OM tries to make her understand nd tells ranveer to make her understand. Aaliya looks at ranveer hoping dat he wont agree. but he somehw gets words nd supports d OM! shocked Aaliya runs away!

MP tries to call mehreen but cant get. he wonders d reason.

Nafeesa calls meghna nd nargis nd asks them to tell d truth. both says aaliya is in london nd dont wry!

Aaliya in d house thinking wat ranveer said. ranveer comes she gets angry blocks his path nd says hw could u do t his. y ru doin this to me. hw could u tell this. u juz wants to do ur job utilising me. he replies im nt forcing u if u dont want to marry its ok [looks away]but its better u marry. Aaliya shocked nd holds his shoulder says Look at me nd say Ranveer! Aapko koi faraq nahi padtha! u consider this as a small issue. i thought u would tell ur boss Aaliya wont marry him but hw can u tell d reverse. im nt imp to u! he goes away! she tells her to speak. he bursts nd says wat should i tell aaliya wont marry mp she’ll marry me cz i love her nd wat do u think i’ll marry u nd mp will damage d place! i cant do this! he touches her shoulder strongly. Aaliya gets pain. he turns nd says i cant strt a new life risking my country! if ur taking d decision u should frget me frm ur heart nd mind! think im nt there in ur life thn watever decision u take i’ll accept it[sajda in d bg] Aaliya crying. both turning in opposite direction.

Precap: aaliya calls mp nd says im ready to marry u

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