Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2014 Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2014 Written Update by Atiba

Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1
simar comes to sanju’s room and sees her crying. She says look I have bought you your favorite noodles. Lets eat them together. I will eat them all if you don’t eat. sanju says I won’t eat. I wont go to boarding school. I wanna stay with you. simar says you cant whim. she says I won’t ask for anything please mama I wanna be with you. simar says don’t cry I will talk to your dad. simar says this is wrong to send such a young girl to boradin school. She goes to Vikrant’s room and finds him un tears looking at sunnaina’s picture. he says neithr am I a good husband nor a good dad. I am not a good pal as well. I chave to teach sanju how live without a mom.

prem is with Anjali. He recalls how he threw simar our of the house. Surbhi comes in. Prem is about to leave. Surbhi says why are you running from me? Till when will you be quite like this? He says what can I say? Prem says I kep making mistake one after another. I didn’t trust the one I loved and threw her out of my life. I never thought simar can do a mistake. She has always been a good wife. I kept blaming her and never thought of her. And I ruined your life just to make simar suffer. I kept making mistakes and one of those mistakes is this child. I promise you will love this kid like Anjali. there will be no difference in this child and Anjali. but I will never be able to give you place of simar. I am sirry for that.

simar says virkant you can’t send Anjali to boarding school. he says do you have any other idea? SHe says keeping her away from you will give you pain as well. He says who will be responsible for her. He says think about your life. You can continue your job. Karan has a chain of hotels in Dehli too. I have lost the right to keep your here and to be honest I didn’t know when I got feelings for you. I know no one can take prem’s place in your life so it will be better that me and sanju should go away from you. a relation with no destination and name should be abandoned. That is why I took this decision and thought you will accept it. I have arranged a rest house for you. Leave before sanju wakes up. you can live there before I leave.

Scene 2
Next morning, sanju wakes vikrant up. she says where is mama ? She isn’t in the house. Vikrant recalls what he said to simar last night. Vikrant says she even left without telling me. vikrant says sanju mama has left she won’t come. Sanju says she can’t leave me. I have to go to mama. She goes to lounge and says mama. simar is there. Sanju hugs her and says mama will live with you. Now go and get ready we will do breakfast tomorrow siamr looks at vikrant. He says what is this? Don’t increase her fake life. simar says I thought about sankju all night. she is like a daughter to me. she I like Anjali to me. Fate decided it that I can’t live with Anjali but I can’t take the decision to live without sanju. Now she is my Anjali. I cant change what you think about me. Simar is nothing without prem. there is no one In my heart except for prem. You are a good friend and you will always be. please vikrant don’t take sanju from me. I wont be able to live. Vikrant says what are you saying I can’t take sanju from you she is your daughter. I promise I will never take this right from you stop crying please. They do the breakfast together.

Surbhi comes downstairs in resentment. She recalls what prem just said to her. Roli sees her. She is about to slip roli holds her. Pari says are you okay surbhi? she says yes. Roli says to surbhi you should take care of your self. its not good for your child. roli says let me make you tea. mata ji says thank God roli saved surbhi. Mata ji asks sid is prem ready to go? He says yes. she tells everyone that prem is going to London. Prem meets everyone before leaving isd says I will drop you prem. Prem says no I will go with driver. I wanna meet simar before going to London. This shocks surbhi and everyone else. Surbhi stands up. He says I wanted to clear something. I ahev talked to surbhi about somethings that you all should know. Simar and surbhi both are suffering due to me. I have decided that I will not conceal anything from my wife. If I am going to meet simr subrhi should know about it. He leaves.

Simar is blindfolded and is palying with sanju. vikrant smiles at them. He says I wish we always stay happy like this. simar is about to slip. prem holds her in his arms. simar opens are blindfold.

Precap-prem is leaving. he reaclls holding simar in hs arms. His car meets an accident. sid gets a call telling him that prem has not boarded the flight.

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  1. vijaya
    November 01, 07:52 Reply

    simar and prem have some together we want vikrant and surbhi should go from their life, we want to see prem, simar and anjali as happy family. we are dying to see them together. simar and prem ka pyar is sacha and nobody should enter into their life.

    • Sharon
      November 04, 05:02

      Exactly simar and prem love are true… Quit vikrant and surbhi out from their life and show… Enough now…

  2. dejavoozie
    November 01, 04:16 Reply

    May be vikrant will be sent to jail for kidnapping prem or he will leave d city whole heartedly leaving sanju with skmar as he knows both f dem will b hurt if separated. Surbhi false pregnancy will b revealed.. prem and simar will then reunite and bhardwaj family will accept sanju as their own..

  3. salila
    October 31, 21:11 Reply

    what the hell vikrant is not good he was bt now he is just like surbhi cuz he is going to kidnap prem so he can be with simar and she would think that prem ishappy with his new so called wife
    i don,t understand how come that surbhi is prem,s wife simar and prem are not even divorced yet and u can,t get married untill your wife is dead or u re divorced and pri she is just a crazy bith what about my sister and what about simar or surbhi is so stupid and weak that she will commit suicide if she don,t get prem so dummy why neha u re so much better than that just quite ssk and go and find another show that u are actully are something

  4. Aliya
    October 31, 14:38 Reply

    Shut up I know that simar and prem will be together and surbhi will be villan or she will be vikrant’s understand simar and prem look much better together and sanju have her dad it will take some time but she’ll understand I don’t like anyone talking to join simar with anyone and simar have to think of Anjali also not just sanju.Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. In order to submit a comment to this post, please copy the code below the form and paste it along with your comment.

  5. Aliya
    October 31, 14:36 Reply

    Shut up I know that simar and prem will be together and surbhi will be villan or she will be vikrant’s understand simar and prem look much better together and sanju have her dad it will take some time but she’ll understand I don’t like anyone talking to join simar with anyone and simar have to think of Anjali also not just sanju.

  6. partha
    October 31, 12:13 Reply

    Ii think simar n vikranth,s jodi is also gud……even of it is nt possible….he is also.good yaar!!!! Luv sanju…..simar sanju n vikranth make a…..wherever is simar ,,,there is happiness…….when she leave barathwaj house just like mataji said the lakshmi have left.their house…….nw wt will happen??? One day simar n prem will surely unite….then wt about sanju

  7. @R
    October 31, 10:42 Reply

    Simar and sanju are very nice

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