Shakti 17th October 2017 Written Update

Shakti 17th October 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Shakti 17th October 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Harman playing dhol while the people on road gossip and make fun of him. Kareena tells Kinnars that they shall take nek from someone in whose house, kid is born. Harman plays the dhol. Surbhi and Varun come there. She cries seeing him with kinnars and asks what is he doing. Harak Singh comes and is shocked. Gurumaa tells other Gurumaas that this guy loves Tarana a lot and says nobody had done this for any kinnar until now. Other Gurumaa says we have to be sure before taking a decision. Surbhoi cries and goes. Soumya thinks whenever she is in trouble, he saves her but when he is in trouble, she can’t do anything to safeguard his respect. She asks Mata Rani to protect him. Saya asks Chameli to take Tarana inside. Soumya tells Chameli that she is caged here and this world don’t

look like hers now. Chameli asks her to have patience and says this testing time will soon end, and whoever have Harman can never fail.
People gather at Harak Singh’s house and asks Preeto, if she knows what her son is doing. Preeto asks them to say what happened? Neighbor tells that today they saw Harman playing dhol and getting nek along with kinnars. Preeto asks them to shut up. Neighbor shows the video in which Harman is playing dhol. Preeto, Shanno, Veeran and others are shocked. Neighbor says this matter is about our society now and asks Preeto to tell what is the secret which they are hiding. Harak Singh comes there and asks what happened? He says if we didn’t play dhol in holi, Diwali. Neighbors ask do you know? Harak Singh says his son is a loyal son and informed him before going. Preeto says yes.

Neighbor says he would have gone to some other place and asks why did he go to kinnars to learn dhol. Harak Singh says let him play and says today’s kids don’t worry about respect. Neighbor says we will talk. Harak Singh says he will talk when he comes home. Neighbors say if others come to know then it won’t be good. Preeto asks them to talk to Harman and says even Harak Singh will come with you all. She says he will understand if you all tell him in the morning. Neighbors agree and leave. Preeto says it is good that Jiji handled the situation. Preeto says until when we will handle this situation and tells Harak Singh to end the matter for once and all.

Harman comes to kinnars’ home and keeps the dhol. All kinnars give nek to Saya. Saya takes the nek and gives some back to them. Harman gives the money to Saya which he got as nek. He says if I can eat today. Saya says you will eat what we eat. Harman says ok.

Surbhi is sad in room. Nani asks what happened? Maninder asks Varun what happened to her. Varun tells that Surbhi saw Harman playing dhol with kinnars and must be feeling ashamed. Surbhi thinks she feels proud of him today and thinks whoever doubts on his love is mad. Maninder and Bebe get happy. He says Harak Singh’s family will be ruined now. Rani tells Saya that Soumya refused to have food.

Kareena and other kinnars talk about Harman playing dhol. Harman coughs and asks Rani to give him water. Rani gives him water. Harman asks her to give his message to Soumya and asks her to tell Soumya that he loves her a lot, will fulfill all the conditions of them and will win her and take her with him. Rani gives Harman’s message to Soumya and asks her to eat the food which Harman sent for him. Soumya have a little amount of food and asks her to tell Harman that she loves him a lot. She asks her to tell him to go. Rani gives plate back to Harman and gives Soumya’s message asking him to have food. Harak Singh thinks about neighbors taunt and drinks wine. Preeto asks you can forget for sometime, but you will not forget that the kinnar took away our son. She is angry on Soumya.

Harman thinks about Soumya and Harak Singh’s words. In the morning, Rani gives tea to Harman. Harman thanks her. Harak Singh comes there with neighbors. They tell Harman that Harak Singh told them everything and says he must have told them and they would have solved his problem. Harman and others looks on puzzled.

Precap: Saya says they will go to everyone house and take nek on Diwali. Gurumaa says I will tell where to go. They go to Harak Singh’s house. Harman asks Preeto to give nek else Soumya will not be given food and then he will be hungry too..

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