Siddhi Vinayak 1st May 2018 Written Update

Siddhi Vinayak 1st May 2018 Written Update by Amena

Siddhi Vinayak 1st May 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vin coming to his room and thinking about Riddhi, who saved his life many times. He smiles and sleeps. He sees Siddhi’s pics. He gets up and says Siddhi tell me why don’t I feel Riddhi’s words bad, why did I get habitual to her, why do I like to see her. He sees Riddhi’s pics instead Siddhi’s pics. He gets shocked. He wakes up from his dream and sees Siddhi’s pics on the wall.

He says what was this dream, why did I see Riddhi’s pics here, what’s happening to me. Its morning, Vin goes to see Riddhi. He stands staring at her. He smiles. O karam khudaya….plays….. she gets ready. She gets shocked seeing him. He closes eyes. She asks are you feeling dizzy, what happened. He says no, I m intoxicated by medicines. She says I just messaged you that I

m coming. He says I came to ask you to come fast. He goes. She says what happened to him. Manjiri comes and asks why did Vin come here, did he see marriage certificate. Siddhi says no, don’t worry, he didn’t see it, I have kept it in cupboard. She gives keys to Manjiri and says let me just do a bahu’s duty. She gets Vin’s call and goes. Manjiri pities her. She says Gauri and Prachi will see the certificate and inform Vin.
Mannu apologizes to Vin and says I slept at night. Siddhi says I managed everything, its fine. Mannu says you can manage even today, I won’t come. Vin asks him to come along. Mannu agrees. She thinks Mannu is annoyed with me. Manjiri says maybe Vin and Riddhi left. She acts in front of Prachi and says I got a foot sprain, I came here to get Vin’s contract. She asks Prachi to check cupboard, Riddhi keeps first aid there. Prachi says cupboard is locked. Manjiri asks her to find keys. Prachi gets keys and opens the drawer. She gets the first aid box and does aid to Manjiri. Manjiri’s plan fails. Prachi goes. Manjiri looks for papers.

She says Riddhi kept it here, where did it go. Siddhi apologizes to Mannu. She gives marriage certificate to Mannu and says I want you to keep this. Mannu asks why are you sharing this secret with me. She says I m not worried now, you can never wish bad for Vin. He says I would never doubt on family, I didn’t follow the will, which states that Vin’s wife will get his property after his death, I didn’t doubt on you, when you were not in his life, when he was just villager Vinayak, I had been with you, he regards me a friend, we brothers can never think of doing such a thing. She cries and apologizes to him. She says I just wanted to protect Vin. He says don’t worry, I will take care of this. Siddhi comes to Vin’s room and says sorry. He asks her to wait. She helps him. He says you won’t be with me always. She asks why not, are you firing me from job. He says no. She says then I will always be with you. He thinks I got habitual to you.

Siddhi gets trapped in fire and shouts to Vin for help.

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