Siya Ke Ram 2nd November 2016 Written Update

Siya Ke Ram 2nd November 2016 Written Update by Amena

Siya Ke Ram 2nd November 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Laxman holding Ram’s feet and asking him to leave worrying about him, maybe its fate, you just obey Dharm, nothing will happen to me, fulfill your promise. Ram holds him. He says Laxman I can do anything in the world, but not give death to my Laxman. He hugs Laxman. They both cry. Parvati asks Mahadev what is this dilemma for Ram, he loved Laxman more than his life, how can he kill his own brother, there can’t be bigger sorrow for a human than this. Mahadev agrees and says yes, its big sorrow, but Ram’s avatar is to place Maryada, he will face all human problems and have shown how to lead an ideal life of values and Maryada, its possible only if human is dedicated, so today Ram has to bear this big sorrow, when world will hear about his big sacrifice, that he did not
hesitate to punish death to his brother to do his Dharm, his decision will inspire the world, this is last test of Ram’s life, we have to see whose side Ram takes in this test, Dharm or brotherly love?

Ram talks to everyone. He says Rishivar, I m in big Dharm Sankat today, on one side is Raghuvansh’s promise Maryada and other side is my dear brother Laxman’s life. He says I have always spent my life in protecting Raghukul’s customs and Maryada, I have given them more importance than my life, but today, I can’t give death to my brother by my hands, and I can’t bear stain to ruin Raghukul customs and traditions, guide me….. Guru Vashisht cries. All Rishis get sad.

Guru Vashisht says a solution for this big problem, there is just one way, Raghuvansh’s Maryada will not be ruined and Ram will not have to give death to his dear brother. He says Ram, you abandon your brother Laxman. Ram, Laxman, Bharat, Shatrughan, Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti get shocked. Guru Vashisht says there is no other option than this. He cries and says Ram,, this is the only way to end this big problem and sorrow, there is a rule in Dharm Shastra, that abandoning a dear one is like giving death to him, you can get freedom from this sorrow by this way.

Ram folds hands and says forgive me Laxman, to protect your life, I have no way than to abandon you. Laxman cries. Ram says I, Raghukul vanshi Ram, to protect my promise, keeping all Devtas, Rishis and Gurujans as witness, I abandon my dear brother Laxman forever. Everyone cry. Laxman Ram ke Praan samaya…………plays……………….

Ram leaves. Urmila says no….. and cries. Mandvi and Shruthkirti hold her. Laxman recalls Ram and cries. He removes his jewelry and palatial clothes. He wears the ordinary clothes. Urmila comes running to the Kaksh. She gets shocked seeing Laxman. She says you have taken van-avatar again. He says I m not suitable to stay in Rajbhavan now, Ram has abandoned me forever, I have no way than to leave Rajbhavan. She says I can’t let you go. He says I disobeyed Ram’s command and have to bear punishment, I have to leave. She says what can I do here if my husband has no place here, I will come along. He says I understand your emotions, but you can’t come along. She asks why, if Sita can go van with Ram, why can’t I.

He says Ram obeyed Dasharath and Kaikeyi’s command by going to van, he was not punished, he protected Raghukul’s glory and Maryada, but I disobeyed his command, every person has to bear the punishment himself, no one else can share it, even if its his wife. Mandvi and Shruthkirti come there and look on. Laxman says its not right you come with me. Urmila says no, this can’t happen. Laxman leaves. Urmila faints. Mandvi and Shruthkirti hold her and shout Urmila. Laxman stops hearing this and worries. He thinks if Urmila gets conscious, she will not let me go, I have to leave from rajbhavan soon. Laxman cries and feels sorry. Laxman leaves.

Laxman says Urmila, by your love and sacrifice, I could do my duty in life, but I did not give love to your relation, in my last time, I could not take you along, forgive me. Bharat and Shatrughan cry seeing him. Laxman cries and says if I did any mistake intentionally or unknowingly, forgive me. They hug Laxman and cry. Laxman sees Ram and cries. Ram turns his face away. Seshnagh hai Laxman avatara……plays……. Laxman touches the ground where Ram stood and takes blessings. He greets Ram and goes. Ram cries. Bharat and Shatrughan call out Laxman and cry.

Hanuman flies and thinks I feel like something bad is going to happen, I have to reach Ayodhya soon. Laxman is in jungle and cries. He recalls cutting Surpanakha’s nose, leaving Sita to the van, Ram disowning him. Laxman sits crying and says its fruit of my deeds, I did many crimes, and this is punishment of those crimes. He says what is the meaning of my life by getting away from Ram, its crime for me to stay on earth without him, abandoning me means one thing, my death, I have to get free of my cursed life, forgive me Ram, I don’t have courage to live life without you. He gets a knife and stabs himself. He falls down and eagles fly down. Parvati and Mahadev look on.

Ram tells Praja about a good time coming, and asks them to welcome good time and not get sorrowful over the past, let me leave from here with happiness. Badra says no, we will not let you go.

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