The crew of ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ gets emotional!

The show that ruled over millions of hearts in the past two and a half years, the show that became a significant part of a household’s weekend, the show that cheered many and redefined the Comedy genre on Indian Television and also became a grand Bollywood affair, ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ hosted by ace comedian, Kapil Sharma along with a stellar supporting cast which includes Sunil Grover, Kiku Sharda, Ali Asgar, Upasana Singh, Chandan Parbhakar and Sumona Chakravarty has sadly come to and end!

The last episode of the show was recently shot with actor Akshay Kumar, who has been sporadically coming to the show to promote his films. He was accompanied by his ‘Airlift’ co-star, Nimrat Kaur.

A regular shoot of episode turned out to be an extremely emotional and nostalgic moment when Sunil aka Gutthi started crying while performing his act and went on to give a heart warming speech, expressing his gratitude towards the show and mentioning that it has been the best stage of his life.

No sooner did the rest of the cast, including Kapil himself, got all emotional as they realised it was their last shot on the show.

The show had transformed the actors into stars overnight and all the characters became popular household names, reaching the pinnacle of success. Almost every A-list Bollywood actor, famous cricketers, journalists, tennis players and others had appeared on the show enjoying memorable moments.

The audience of the show too became emotional, bidding farewell to the most loved show that had struck a chord with their hearts. Scenes of people hugging each other and reliving the journey followed!

Witnessing a moment like such, one is sure to go down the memory lane, recollecting the fond memories this epic show gave us. We will surely miss the show! How about You? Comment below.

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  1. tpm
    February 13, 07:48 Reply

    east or west kapil is best

  2. tejinder singh
    January 25, 13:55 Reply

    what i know from this show is that this the best ever show till date because of kapil even when i was watching comedy circus it was kapil all the time who was making a real fun in that show….not krishna or anyone else…. so now they have taken the same name again just to get that stardum what kapil and all the cast of comedy nights of kapil has got already just because of their performances….that’s why the people were watching it…and without him there will be no1 who is going to watch this shitty comedy of govinda’s nephew even….fo

  3. Bby doll
    January 22, 23:08 Reply

    Bitch stop talking shitt.. When show was on yo fucker enjoy and laugh now when show is done you ugly ass talking shit like kapil is not comedian and bla bla..!! Ass hole

  4. colors
    January 20, 23:13 Reply

    Comedy nights with Kapil was one of the best comedy shows. that freakin comedy nights bachhao copied the title of kapil’s show and now that dumb show is still going. Kapil’s show was the only good show on colors, this channel is done now.

  5. microw
    January 19, 11:33 Reply

    i love kapil’s comedy show But why did colors channel did not telecast the last episode ?

  6. Ams
    January 18, 22:54 Reply

    That was not a comedy.. But just cheap thoughts on others. Kapil is not a real comedian. He just used to insult someone to make others laugh. He got finally what is actually deserve.

    • Syk
      January 20, 11:35

      That’s true..

    • FAN
      January 20, 18:05

      That actually happens in Bachoo not Kapil’s show.
      Making fun of XYZ has always been part of comedy that audience enjoy. Not being able to make fun of XYZ is in real more against democracy and freedom of speech.

    • Akmam
      January 22, 14:48

      if kapil can make one laugh than whats ur prblm….and who r u to judge comedy…..i always feel good to listen him….whatever that was comedy or not..and that people like to be insulted theirselfe by kapil…so they went to the set and enjoy the show….if u have some prblm u shd nt watch his show..

    • colors
      January 22, 20:28

      yooo Ams Fuck you. you don’t know shit

  7. Impana
    January 18, 12:04 Reply

    But y did colors channel did not telecast the last episode???

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