Tu Aashiqui 13th March 2018 Written Update

Tu Aashiqui 13th March 2018 Written Update by Amena

Tu Aashiqui 13th March 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with JD asking Pankti to sing. He applies her colors. She cries and sings Holi ke din….. Ahaan comes there and bangs the door, asking JD not to dare touch Pankti. JD says you always come on wrong time. He calls someone. Pankti shouts for Ahaan. JD says if I don’t touch you, it will be an insult of your beauty. Ahaan gets inside the room. He gets angry seeing Pankti’s state. JD says wait a second, let me touch the mole on her shoulder that has my heart. Ahaan pulls him back and fights. Anita and Poorva free Pankti. Police comes there. Ahaan asks inspector to arrest JD. Constable arrests Ahaan. Pankti asks him to arrest JD. Inspector says Anita called us and said Ahaan has barged into the house forcibly. Anita says yes I called, but I will say why, everything is fine now, you

can leave.
JD signs inspector to free Ahaan. Inspector leaves Ahaan. Police leaves. JD asks Pankti did she see his power, he won’t permit anyone to see her. Ahaan gets angry and gets in front. JD says when will you understand Ahaan, everything is in my hands, you can’t do anything. Ahaan says I will defeat you till you understand that victory is not made for you. JD threatens him. He asks Pankti not to worry, he won’t kill Ahaan till she comes back to him. He says its fun to get you in front of junior. Ahaan says I will finish you before that. JD leaves. Ahaan asks Anita why did she lie to police. Pankti asks Anita to answer them. Anita says JD had called police, I thought it would be good if I lie, Jaishri productions gave an offer to Pankti to sing in their movie. Ahaan gets glad and asks what. Anita says you know they make clean family movies, they don’t like any controversy, I thought Pankti’s name can come between if police arrests you, if she loses this offer then……I lied to trap Pankti always, today I lied to save Pankti.

She says sorry and goes. Ahaan says I will have do something of JD. Anita says I have to think to free Pankti from JD. Ahaan asks are you fine. Pankti cries and hugs him. Na sikha maine…..plays… Ahaan lifts her and takes her to room. He hugs her. He promises to set everything fine. He kisses her and says love is so pure that it cleans all the stains, once you sing in a film, you will get fame and that will also clear all the stains. He cheers her and asks her to sleep fast. He says be ready for the recording, the reality will be sweeter than your dreams. He waves her. She smiles.

JD says we are going to buy music right of Jaishri productions’ next movie. Pankti sings. Monty says they will like your song. Monty asks how can Jaishri join JD’s company. Ahaan and Pankti get shocked.

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