Tu Mera Hero 4th November 2015 Written Update

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Tu Mera Hero 4th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Tu Mera Hero 4th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Surekha saying they will celebrate Govind’s retirement today and liking Panchi’s ideas. Govind agrees and acts like Titu. They all laugh. Titu comes to Panchi and hugs her. Music plays……… Titu says he missed her a lot. He applies her sindoor and tilak, and makes her wear ghunghat. He says she looks boss now and jokes. Panchi says she will command everyone. Rekha comes and misunderstands Panchi. She says she has come just now.

Vaishaili, Rekha, Bhagwati, Panchi, Titu, Mukund and Keshav think what to gift Govind. Titu says I will perform for Govind, that’s best. Panchi says idea, we will gift them romantic photo frame, we will surprise Surekha too. Vaishaili says she said the same. Panchi says yes, but I liked idea now. Mukund says we should give something which they should always have.

Vaishaili gets angry and tells Rekha that Panchi is controlling them. Mukund comes and Vaishaili complains to him. Mukund does not agree to her. Rekha hears them arguing and leaves.

Everyone have a talk at night. Govind says he feels fresh and light, he has played with Sundar, he wants to say something. Panchi stops him and gifts him Govind and Surekha’s pic. They like it. Surekha says its as if daughters gifted them. Govind says so I was saying… Titu stops him and says another gift from our side. Titu tells his humor way, and acts like Govind to make them smile. Everyone laugh, as Titu praises Govind and tells how Govind has raised them. Titu says we will not let Govind retire so easily and get beaten by him all life, they will need his guidance always. They all clap for Titu.

Govind is about to say them. Rekha stops him and says she has to say something. Govind asks did she also get some gift. Rekha says no, I want something. Govind asks what does she want. Rekha says she wants division of this house. They all get shocked. Vaishaili asks Rekha not to get scared and be adamant. Govind asks division and laughs…..

Govind asks division of what things. Surekha asks does she want division of kitchen or dishes, she will give her entire kitchen. Everyone start laughing. Rekha gets annoyed. She goes. Vaishaili says we should get our right. Mukund asks her to stop this. He asks Rekha not to listen Vaishaili, she has done mad, we should not ask for division, it can be misunderstanding what Vaishaili heard. Vaishaili says I m not a kid, this house will be divided. He says I don’t agree to this and goes.

Everyone sit for dinner. Surekha asks where is Rekha. Vaishaili says Rekha won’t come, she is not hungry. Surekha says this can’t happen. Vaishaili says Rekha said she won’t eat till this house gets divided. Govind asks what. Mukund says Vaishaili is joking, Rekha has chaat and her stomach is upset. Vaishaili thinks she has to get Mukund on her side first. Everyone wait for Rekha to start puja. Rekha comes. Surekha does the puja. She gives Prasad to Rekha. Rekha says she won’t eat anything till this house is divided, she has stayed under Govind and Surekha’s shadow, but she does not want her children to be controlled by Titu and Panchi.

Surekha asks Rekha how can she think this. Titu asks Rekha to have food. Keshav stops Titu and holds his hand.

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