Tu Suraj Main Saanjh Piyaaji 19th September 2017 Written Update

Tu Suraj Main Saanjh Piyaaji 19th September 2017 Written Update by MA

Tu Suraj Main Saanjh Piyaaji 19th September 2017 Written Episode

Uma and Kanak wait for movie to start. A man comes and sits next to Kanak. Uma asks him to go and sits somewhere else as his wife is sitting in next seat. Man says he has paid for this seat. Uma pays huge money to him and says he bought whole row’s tickets. Kanak asks man to take it, he can show movie to his whole family. Man takes and leaves. Movie starts. Kanak praises Bhajrangi Bhaijaan/Salman and says he is pure hearted like Uma. People from behind ask her to go home and chat. Uma imagines himself as Salman Khan and Kanak as Kareena Kapoor and enjoys whole movie. Kanak sees that and gets happy. She speaks again, but people again ask her to keep silent. They both continue enjoying movie.

Saras continues enjoying friend’ wedding celebrations with her other

friends. Friend looking at Vansh says she is marrying someone else, she can befriend Vans at least. Saras says she does not like talking to a boy. Vansh silently drops banana skin from his pocket and slips on it. Bangle fall from his pocket and he picks it. Friend shows Saras that her shagun bangle is similar to that bangle.
Kanak and Uma come out of cinema hall after watching movie. Kanak asks how was the movie. Uma says Bhajrangi did right. Kanak asks if he will break rules for his dear ones. He says just now he watched movie for her sake. Kanak gets very happy. They walk in market. Uma borrows mobile from a passerby, calls Saras and says he will buy a mobile like device from which she can listen to bhajans. Kanak excitedly says it is tablet. Uma says Saras’ bhabhi is telling it is tablet, he will buy that for her. They both then walk and seeing Suman and Shiv in market, Uma says Suman that she can go to market alone hereon. A lady slips on Shiv and apologizes and asks if he is feeling pain. Shiv hides pain and says he is fine. Uma says they should not hide pain. Shiv says he told man should hide his pain. Uma says he is permitting now. It is all Kanak’s dream, and she shakes Uma strongly. Uma wakes her up and says he is going out of car, she can come home alone. Kanak sees Suman and gets out of car.

Vansh walks waiting for Saras to stop her. She stops him and asks to show his bangle. He shows and says he promised he will not trouble her, now he got a call from his daadi that she fixed an alliance and sent bangle’s other pair to that girl. Saras’ friends say how did same bangle reach her, she is that girl.

Kanak sees Suman in market checking books and asks what she is doing here. Suman’s boyfriend walks towards and asks why she is late. Suman acts and asks who is she. Boy says he mistook her to his friend and walks away. Kanak asks who was that boy. Suman arrogangly says she does not know. Kanak asks if she likes reading book, even her mom used to love reading books. Suman more arrogantly shouts she hates books and failed in 8th standard twice. Kanak says forget that, she does not know where she had been and tells Uma and she watched a movie. Suman walks home shouting at Uma and asks to come in front, he makes rules and binds everyone in it, but himself breaks rules for bhabhisaa, she will not tolerate it. Maasi tries to calm her. Drama continues.

Precap: Maasi tells Suman that she just heard about Uma being trapped in his promise, nobody knows what happened after that. She takes everyone to lawn. Kanak’s facial expression changes seeing something. Maasi asks her to change her identity or get out of this house..

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