Udaan 2nd May 2018 Written Update

Udaan 2nd May 2018 Written Update by Amena

Udaan 2nd May 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suraj thanking Archana. Imli in disguise of Archana asks them to thank Lord. Chakor asks her when will she start the work. Imli says I will start work today, you can go for work, I will manage Saanvi. Suraj says fine, Girja will show you your room. They leave. Chakor asks Saanvi to go to her Maasi, Archana will take care of her like Maasi. Imli says its a big thing for me. Chakor says Lord made everyone same. She gives Saanvi to her. She says don’t break my trust, I have given you my life Saanvi. Imli says I won’t break your trust. She takes Saanvi and smiles.

Chakor makes the list mentioning Saanvi’s habits and likes. She asks Suraj did she miss anything. Suraj says I m having food well after two days, thanks to Archana. She asks him to say something, food won’t run away.

Imli comes and makes Chakor note more things. Chakor praises her. Suraj says I will go for work. Chakor asks will you leave Saanvi alone with Archana. Imli says why not, I will take care, don’t you trust me. Chakor says I trust you but..just keep this in mind. Imli says I know everything. Chakor says check this list if you need anything. Karan says you have nine days, I want you to dig all the silk fields.
Engineers say Chakor isn’t ready yet. Karan says I want the work to be done. Chakor comes and asks him to delay the work, she will find some way to save the silk fields. She justifies her decision. She says I want my daughter to play in those fields and grow, people has devotion for the fields, give me one day time, I will find a solution to make roads without any loss, else you can dig the fields. He agrees. He leaves. Imli smiles seeing Saanvi. She talks to Chakor and acts good. She puts Saanvi to sleep. She holds her hand.

Kasturi comes there. Imli dons ghunghat. She asks Kasturi to talk slow, Saanvi is sleeping. Kasturi says Saanvi knows me well. Kasturi asks her who are you, tell me. She questions her. She says I want your pic so that we can secure Saanvi. Kasturi takes Archana’s pic. She asks Archana to take care of Saanvi and goes. Archana calls Imli and says you went out on right time. Imli says I don’t do anything wrong, I know Chakor and everyone, I knew Kasturi to come to ask about Daai. Chakor and engineers check the land to make roads. Suraj comes there and says this road can make Chakor reach my heart. The man says this was Suraj’s idea. They go to see site. Chakor asks what are you doing here. Suraj says I got food for you. She says my day is going bad, where shall I make that road, we have to save the silk fields. She gets Archana’s call. She says yes, you can feed curd to Saanvi, yes right. Suraj feeds her. She says Archana knows everything. Suraj says yes, but you don’t know I m feeling hungry. She says sorry and feeds him. She packs tiffin.

He says I m still hungry. She says go home and have food. He asks why. She says its first day of Archana at home, you are best husband. He says okay and goes. She smiles. He comes out and calls out Archana and Saanvi. He asks Girja where are they. Girja goes to check. Imli gets Saanvi there. He takes Saanvi. She says sorry, I was playing hide and seek with her. He says its fine, she looks happy, she liked your game. She says kids like all games. She acts like Chakor. He says you don’t feel bad of Chakor’s words. She says I understand this happens. She takes Saanvi. Suraj plays with them. Chakor comes home. Suraj says see Saanvi is so happy, Archana is playing game with her. Chakor says I m glad Archana and you are handling her well. Imli smiles and thinks once you trust me, I will ruin your life.

Chakor says Kasturi makes such Upma. Imli says I made this. Chakor checks Saanvi’s clothes. She says I feel this hair is of Imli..

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