[V] Suvreen Guggal 28th February 2013 Written Update

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[V] Suvreen Guggal 28th February 2013 Written Update by nazomel

[V] Suvreen Guggal 28th February 2013 Written Episode

The episode begins with Yuvi & Suvi. Suvreen goes to the beach and screams.. Behind ger is Yuvi.. He looks at her. She says come.. But he doesn’t want to go there.. She asks him: you don’t like beach??.. He says: Because…
He comes closer to Suvreen and says: Because I like the beach not more than you.! She says that she is happy coz they are together. She says that when they will meet then they will do everything together. He says: “Really? what will we do?” Their BG Tune is playing.. She hugs him…

In the next scene Zorro closes Annies eyes.. and he brings her anywhere. He opens her eyes and says SURPRISE!.. Lots of ballons, flowers and romantic things are there. She gets surprised and happy. She says that it’s beautiful.. Back to YuvRee.. They still hug.. (The background and there dresses are really nice) And then he comes closer to her and wants to kiss her.. But then he makes fun.. Then she goes and says bye.. He runs behind her and plays with her on the beach.. And then they both are sitting on the boat.. He asks: What happened?? are you dreaming?? She answeres: I’m not dreaming.. It’s real.. She says: Do you know what’s important in my dream is?? He asks who? She says: You and Me.. And then he holds her hand.. and asks: Did you like the surprise?? He couldn’t finish what he wanted to say coz she has kept his mouth. She says that this is the best gift ever. And then she says: Oh teri and says: Close your eyes.. And then she goes..

In the next scene Alisha phones Suvreen but her phone is off. She gets angry. And phones Yuvraj. But his phone is switched off too.

And back to YuvReen.. Yuvraj asks where she is.. But then she comes.. And then she holds Yuvraj’s hand. And gives him a gift. He asks: Can I open my eyes?? She says : Yes.. The gift is a handmade key chain .. He says that it’s really nice.. And then EYELOCK! Yuvraj builds a bonfire and makes a tiara out of leaves for Suvreen. She says thanks to him.. Yuvraj says did you forget it?? The dance wasn’t finished.! She imagines it when they were dancing at Alisha birthday.. She gives her hand to Yuvraj.. They get up.. Suvi asks him: But the music?? And the song Main Vari Jawaan plays.. They are dancing on the beach..

Back to Zorro and Annie. Annie says that Suvreen loves her best friends and her best friend loves her too. She wanted to wish but Zorro stops her and says if she holds a ballon on the valentines day and wish something then the wish will be come true. She asks him: do you believe that? He says: Lets try.! They both take a ballon and wish something.. And then they both release the ballons.

Back to Alisha Her phone rings.. She says she knew that Yuvi will call her. But it’s not Yuvi.. it’s pappa guggal. He says he can’t reach Suvi and asks to speak to her, Alisha says she isn’t there.! Pappa guggal asks confused Suvi told him that they were meeting there, Alisha says even she is worried as Suvi hasn’t reached there yet and says it’s valentines day also.. He gets angry and hangs up. Alisha says: Happy valentines day Suvreen.

PRECAP: Yuvi talks on the phone.. The man says that they can only give a ticket for tomorrow morning.. Suvreen is afraid..

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