Vani Rani 13th February 2018 Written Update

Vani Rani 13th February 2018 Written Update by Atiba

Vani Rani 13th February 2018 Written Episode

Episode description: Vani and Rani have died. Vidi keeps torturing the family.

Scene 1
Prabha is crying. Adi hugs her. Everyone is in tears. Sid says enough. She is crossing her limits. Get ready we have to do something. We have to kick that Vidi out. Mama and ma died while fighting her. Vidi comes in and says they drank poison. Adi throttles her and says enough. You killed my ma and mom. Vidi says you can’t harm me.

At night everyone is upset. Vidi comes in. She says Nandani give this to your husband. Nandani gives a paper to Sid. It has burned USB. Vidi smirks.
Vidi comes to Sartak and says I didn’t want to kill them. Sartak says I know you can never kill anyone. you are my chotu mom. I will destroy Adi and Sid.
Sid comes downstairs and goes out. Sartak says now I have forgotten all limits.

Sid comes to a house. Vidi says to Sartak someone is coming. Sid says are you okay? The woman says yes.. He says Vidi has no doubt.
Nandani says to Sid I want to apologize. I am sorry I am a sinner. Sid says what do you mean? She says I told Vidi that USB is in this house. Eveyrone is dazed. She says I thought I will save everyone this way. I am really sorry. Sid says shut up.

Precap-A crazy man comes to the house. Vidi says thats Bhaskar Ghosh my dad.

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