Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 13th July 2012 Written Update *LAST* Episode

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Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 13th July 2012 Written Update *LAST* Episode by Visha_Dhami

Part 1

The show starts with Hitler Didi and they having a party. At Swarn Bhavan, Karan is getting prepared with the wedding and talking to the same Sardar ji (wedding planner) who is at Indira’s party saying that there should be nothing less at the wedding and all the preparation should go on smoothly and the Sardar ji says don’t worry and the wedding will go on well as planned. Indira’s brother gives all the wedding planners liquor and all starts drinking. All the ladies are sitting together and applying haldi or some facial while Shelly and Priyanka seems to be down. Sheetal mami takes some and applies on her face and she says that she needs to cover her age while Abha and Pratibha laughs. Abha notices a sad looking Shelly and says Bhabhi? Abha sees Kanika and Priyanka looking down and Abha asks what happened? You are not happy? Shelly says its not like that but you know i am getting married only for the children’s future. Abha says why only the children’s future? Don’t you all have the rights to be happy? Aruna says betha, when we apply the haldi, their life would be colorful and Pratibha says Abha, apply the haldi and Abha applies them for Shelly, Kanika and Priyanka while Pratibha follows and Raghav mama comes in. Pratibha asks is all the preparation done and Raghav mama says don’t worry as all is fine. Pratibha says but Karan and Thakur saab is no where to be seen? Raghav mama says that Karan is speaking to a wedding planner from Delhi and all the plans will be as planned. Pratibha says Kanika’s in law’s wants the tradition to follow Rajastani customes and Raghav mama says we have spoken to the wedding planner and they have Rajastani cooks and don’t worry. Its morning at Indira’s house and all the planners could not wake up due to being high. The Sardar ji says he is in problem as he have to attend a wedding in Ujjain in the grand Swarn Bhavan. Indira volunteers to help the Sardar ji and all of them get prepared and starts leaving to Ujjain.

Part 2

The Sardar Ji and Indira’s family arrives at Swarn Bhavan and the Sardar ji introduces them as his group. Indira’s brother and sister in law looks at Swarn Bhavan and thinks to themselves are they really made from gold? The house looks so big and they has to be made by real gold. Sheetal mami looks at Indira’s sister in law and says i feel like i have seen you before (at the airport) but i don’t seem to remember. Indira’s brother says you must have seen us performing at any wedding since we are planners and he wanted to dance and Karan says its alright. Karan says you all know how to get all prepared right? Indira says why, you are not convinced? Pratibha says its not like that. Pratibha asks Sheetal mami to go and show everyone the guest room and says its going to be three weddings and make sure nothing goes wrong. Shelly comes out and calls Asmi and Paavni and the Indira family looks Shelly carrying Asmi and Pratibha says you must be wondering what is going on. I am getting both my daughter in laws and my youngest daughter re-married. Indira says really? This is a very good thing and you have done a great job. Congratulations. Indira asks Sheetal mami can you show us the way to go? Sheetal mami looks at Indira’s brother and says i feel like i have seen you before and Indira’s sister in law says why are you keep looking at him? He is married and Sheetal mami argues with her saying i am Swarn Bhavan’s maami and asks them to faster go and get prepared. As they leave, Sheetal mami remembers that she had seen both of them at the Mumbai airport in burkha. Sheetal mami comes into the room and says you both were the same people at the airport right and starts chasing them and Raghav mama comes in and asks what are you doing Sheetal? Indira asks Sheetal mami to stop all this saying we have a lot of work to do, so please leave from here and Raghav mama says what else do you do besides Wedding Planning and Indira sahs y have to also look after certain people and Raghav mama leaves. Indira’s mother and sister are cooking and Indira comes and asks why is the cooking not done. Indira’s mother without realizing adds a lot of salt into the Dhall and Abha comes asking is all prepared? Indira says i am really sorry maam, they have added the salt into the dhall by mistake and Abha says its alright. Just add some potatoes and add into the dhall and the salt can’t be tasted. Cinem i will show you how to do. The three grooms arrives as well as the guests and Karan welcomes them. Indira’s brother steals an necklace of a guest without her realizing and she says where is my necklace missing? Indira comes and asks what happened? Indira looks at her sister in law and she coughs and Indira goes to her brother and the brother hugs her back and the necklace is back. Indira says you have not got back your necklace, so don’t worry. Shelly, Kanika and Priyanka are brought down by Abha in their wedding attire while Karan looks at them. All three of them sits at the mandap and the wedding ceremony starts and the Pandit ji asks who will do the Kanyadaan for all three of them where Pratibha and Thakur looks while Karan walks forward with Abha and performs the ceremony. They now exchange the garlands and are now married by taking the pheras. Abha is in tears and hugs Karan while Abha sees a vision or shadow of 4 mans walking forward, Karan and Abha sees Vimal, Jagmohan, Veer and Prakash in white and Jagmohan blesses them and they are all smilling. Karan and Abha cries looking at them and they vanish.

Part 3

Shelly, Priyanka and Kanika takes blessings from Pratibha and followed by Thakur. Thakur gives each of them a book covered in red cloth and says i have nothing better than this to give to my three daughters and remember, you are married and going to your new home starting a new life and always hold on to your values. Priyanka says i was missing my parents and you have filled the void for me. All three of them then goes to the potrait of Jagmohan, Dadi, Veer, Vimal and Prakash and prays. Priyanka turns and sees her father and Priyanka’s father says i am so sorry for what i have done and this family did not let you go after Veer’s death and please forgive me. Priyanka takes blessings from her parents and starts crying. Karan comes and says its not the time to cry but the time to dance and be happy. Rishi starts dancing with Indira and everyone watches. Next Karan dances with Abha. Indira’s sister in law and Sheetal mami starts dancing against each another for Second Hand Jaawani from Cocktail. Next Rishi and Indira starts dancing with Karan and Abha. Next Karan, Shelly, Abha, Kanika, Priyanka starts dancing around Pratibha and Sheetal mami takes blessings from Pratibha. All of them hugs each another and holds hands together and takes a bow. Abha says three years ago this family was formed and now is the time for us to leave. All of you have been with us through our good and bad times and the journey of this family will now end and Karan says but your love and blessings will always be with us. Pratibha says i would not say thank you and make all of you strangers as we are all one. Thakur says please forgive us if we had forgotten anyone. Shelly says you all have loved all these faces and we would always come to your house and we thank you for that. Thakur says i would want to say that this Swarn Bhavan will always remain to Rajshree and Zee TV and i pray to god that they always keep you happy and take away problems from your lives. We are leaving now but we would surely be back in different forms and we shall leave now. But my task is not over yet. Abha takes a Ramayan and passes to Indira and says you shall now continue this values. Indira says don’t worry and they hug Karan. All of them start dancing for Jhoom Barabar Jhoom song.

The End.

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  1. waffeeyah
    May 05, 04:52 Reply

    it was not borin oo……it was very intresting

  2. Casey
    July 26, 20:08 Reply

    I miss this show so much ……..:(

  3. Avni
    January 09, 01:42 Reply

    If u dont mind sia can i know ur age plzzz

  4. Xia
    June 17, 07:39 Reply

    Our maid used to say “abha ka dalo”every time it was so funny

  5. sanjana
    December 25, 03:35 Reply

    i feel irreated to see the bledy sheetal mami shhe looks very horrible

  6. riya kaur
    October 10, 01:02 Reply

    i feel like killing sheetal mami…….she is so irritating…….fucking bastard…

  7. Anonymous
    August 06, 07:52 Reply

    thank god.. finally it got over….. so boring it was…

  8. anonymous
    July 17, 04:00 Reply

    So sad it has finished….was one of my favourite serials:(

    • riya kaur
      October 10, 01:00

      its a fucking stupid drama

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